How to Cancel Subscription (JoinsMarty), also known as Smarty, is a popular cashback and rebates website. If you signed up for their subscription service called SmartyPlus, you may eventually want to cancel it. Here are the main ways to cancel your subscription.

Before Canceling

Before canceling, first consider whether you could simply downgrade your subscription plan instead of fully canceling Smarty. This allows you to keep some benefits while paying less per month.

Also, note important details like your next billing date and current subscription term. This ensures no surprise charges hit your payment method after canceling.

Finally, confirm the service is truly no longer needed. Smarty provides valuable savings on online purchases that may still be useful long-term.

Cancellation Methods

If you are sure you want to cancel, here are the main options:

Cancel Via the Smarty Mobile App

If you originally subscribed through the Smarty Mobile App, you can cancel directly in the app:

  • Open the Smarty App and go to “Account”
  • Tap on “Membership”
  • Select “Cancel Membership” and confirm

This instantly cancels future subscription renewals through the app store.

Cancel Through Your Google Play or App Store Account

Instead of using the Smarty App, you can cancel your subscription via:

  • The Google Play Store if you subscribed on Android
  • The Apple App Store if you subscribed on an iPhone

Simply log in to your app store account, go to subscriptions, select Smarty, and cancel renewal.

Cancel Through the Smarty Website

To cancel on the website:

  1. Go to and log into your account
  2. Click your name and go to “Account Settings”
  3. Under “Membership & Billing”, choose “Cancel Membership”
  4. Select a reason for canceling and submit
smartycashback cancellation

This immediately stops future charges to your payment method on file.

Cancel Through PayPal

If you pay for Smarty through PayPal, log into your PayPal account and cancel the recurring subscription from there. Smarty will get a notification of the cancellation.

Contact Smarty Customer Service

You can also cancel by contacting Smarty customer service via:

An agent can quickly cancel future renewals for you with just your email or order ID number.

Cancelling from Different Countries

Cancel Smarty in Australia

To cancel your Smarty subscription if you live in Australia, call their toll-free number at:

+61 1 800 577 294

Cancel Smarty in New Zealand

For cancellations in New Zealand, use Smarty’s toll-free number:

+64 800 447 780

Cancel Smarty in the United Kingdom

If you need to cancel Smarty and reside in the UK, call their local toll-free cancellation line at:

+44 808 175 2225

After Canceling

Once you cancel your Smarty subscription, be sure to:

  • Remove saved payment information from your Smarty account and PayPal.
  • Review your account status and save the cancellation confirmation for records.
  • Note your cancellation date and calculate savings from subscription fees.

This ensures your cancellation is fully processed and prevents any billing errors.


The key steps for canceling SmartyCashback/SmartyPlus involve either:

  • Using your mobile app account
  • Contacting the app store support
  • Logging into Smarty’s website to cancel
  • Reaching out to customer service

Canceling directly through where you first subscribed is usually fastest. Verify the cancellation immediately and monitor your payment accounts to avoid surprise fees.

Smoothly canceling Smarty only takes a few minutes once you know the proper method. Their service can provide solid savings, but isn’t right for everyone long-term.

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