How to Cancel ScrShin Membership in 2 Minutes

ScrShin provides various credit monitoring and identity theft protection services through monthly paid subscriptions. If you want to cancel your ScrShin membership, you have a few different options. This guide will outline the subscription plans available, how to cancel, and tips for after you cancel.

Currently ScrShin Website is Down: Please call below phone number to cancel subscription

ScrShin Membership Plans

ScrShin offers several monthly subscription packages:

Monthly SubscriptionsUltimate CreditPremium CreditBasic CreditCredit EducationRoadside AssistanceRealty Listings – NationwidePublic Records
Price (Monthly)$39.90/month$29.95/month$9.95/month$49.00 +$19.97/month$19.95/month$69.90/monthBegin $1 Trial
Experian Credit Report/ScoreIncludedIncluded
TransUnion Credit Report/ScoreIncluded
Equifax Credit Report/ScoreIncluded
Track Credit ScoreIncludedIncluded
3 Bureau Credit AlertsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Roadside CoverageIncluded
Nationwide Realty ListingsIncluded
Public Report SearchesIncluded
ScrShin Membership Plans

Consider which plan you have and if downgrading makes sense before fully canceling.

How to Cancel Your ScrShin Subscription

You can cancel ScrShin subscription by calling Customer service.

Cancel by Phone:

  • Call (866) 458-2801 to cancel your membership
  • Customer service number is easy to find on website and statements
  • Assistance team available to help with cancellation
  • Consider waiting until free trial completes before canceling
  • Call to cancel whenever you are ready
  • Customer support ready to assist at (866) 458-2801

After Canceling Your ScrShin Membership

Once you cancel your subscription, be sure to:

  • Remove saved payment information from your ScrShin account and online profiles.
  • Review your account status and save the cancellation confirmation for your records.
  • Note the end date and calculate savings from canceled monthly fees.
  • Check for any lingering charges the next billing cycle and request refunds.

Closing Tips

  • Downgrade vs. outright cancel if you still need some services.
  • Act fast if wrongly billed after canceling to improve refund chances.
  • Be prepared to provide account details like member ID when contacting support.

Canceling your ScrShin membership is straightforward once you know the options. Choose the method that works best for your situation.

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