How To Cancel Your Burn Boot Camp Membership

Burn Boot Camp is a popular fitness franchise that offers high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. When you sign up for a Burn Boot Camp membership, you usually commit to a minimum term that can range from 1 month to 1 year.

If you want to cancel your Burn Boot Camp membership before the term is up, there are a few things you need to know. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your Burn Boot Camp membership.

Check Your Contract and Cancellation Policy

The first thing to do is review your Burn Boot Camp membership agreement and understand the cancellation policy. This will outline the terms of your membership, including:

  • Minimum membership term (usually 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year)
  • Renewal terms after minimum term is up
  • Cancellation window and notice period
  • Any cancellation fees

Most Burn Boot Camp locations require 30 days written notice to cancel. However, policies can vary by location so be sure to check your contract.

You should also note the minimum term you initially committed to. Trying to cancel before fulfilling that minimum term will likely incur early termination fees.

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Notify Your Home Studio

To cancel your Burn Boot Camp membership, you need to directly notify your home studio. Here are some options:

  • In person: Go to your home studio and speak to the manager. Let them know you want to cancel your membership. They may ask you to fill out a cancellation form.
  • Phone: Call your home studio and inform them you want to cancel. Have your membership info ready to provide. Ask them to send you confirmation of the cancellation. Please contact their phone number for cancellation: (877) 692-2867
  • Email: Email home studio, state you are canceling your membership per the cancellation policy, and request written confirmation.
  • Certified mail: Send a cancellation letter via certified mail. This provides delivery confirmation. Keep a copy for your records.

No matter how you notify them, be sure to follow up and get written confirmation your cancellation request was received. Polite persistence is key.

Understand Any Cancellation Fees

Review your contract to see if any cancellation fees apply. These are common when canceling before the minimum membership term is complete.

Cancellation fees at Burn Boot Camp typically range from $100-$300 depending on your remaining term. This covers the studio’s administrative costs.

Be prepared to pay any contractual cancellation fees. If fees seem unfair, politely ask if they can be waived or reduced.

Cancel Autopayments

If you pay for your Burn Boot Camp membership via automated payments on a credit card or bank account, be sure to also cancel the autopayments.

You can remove card details from your online member account. Or call your credit card company or bank to cancel the payment authorization.

You can send a cancellation request at

This ensures you don’t get charged again after canceling the actual gym membership.

Request a Refund

If you prepaid for any unused services or products, request a prorated refund. This may include:

  • Remaining prepaid membership dues
  • Unused training sessions
  • Unredeemed retail credits

Check your contract for the refund policy. Partial refunds are often provided if you cancel mid-term. Submit your refund request in writing and follow up.

##alternatives to canceling:

If you want to cancel your boot camp membership, first consider if there are alternatives:

  • Transfer membership: See if you can transfer your membership to a friend or family member. This avoids cancellation fees.
  • Downgrade membership: Consider downgrading to a cheaper membership level vs fully canceling.
  • Freeze account: You may be able to temporarily freeze your account for a few months vs canceling.
  • Negotiate cancellation fee: Ask if they can waive or reduce the cancellation fee due to your circumstances.
  • Switch studios: Transfer your membership to a different Burn Boot Camp location if that’s more convenient.

Discuss any of these options with your home studio before outright canceling.

FAQ About Canceling Burn Boot Camp Memberships

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about canceling Burn Boot Camp memberships:

How do I cancel my Burn Boot Camp membership online?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel online. You need to notify your home studio directly via phone, email or in person. They do not offer online cancellation.

What is the Burn Boot Camp cancellation fee?

Cancellation fees vary but are typically around $100 – $300 depending on your remaining membership term. Check your contract for specific cancellation fee details.

What is the Burn Boot Camp contract policy?

The standard contract is a 12-month commitment. After 12 months, it auto-renews month-to-month until you cancel with 30 days written notice. You can also choose shorter 3 or 6 month terms in some cases.

Can I cancel anytime?

If you are within the minimum commitment term, you can cancel but will owe the remaining months of fees plus a cancellation fee in most cases.

How do I get into my Burn Boot Camp member login?

Visit and click Member Login. Enter your email and password. Contact your studio if you need a password reset.

Where can I submit a Burn Boot Camp complaint?

First, email or speak to your studio manager about any complaints. If that does not resolve it, you can submit complaints to Burn Boot Camp corporate via their website contact form.

What is the Burn Boot Camp customer service number?

The main customer service phone number is: (877) 692-2867. You can also find your specific studio’s phone number on their website.

Closing Thoughts

Canceling your Burn Boot Camp membership is a straightforward process, but does require proper notice and settling any outstanding fees. Be sure to get cancellation confirmation in writing from the studio.

With commitment to your fitness goals, a positive attitude, and an organized plan, you can continue working out successfully even after leaving Burn Boot Camp. Just be sure your motivation comes from within.

I hope this guide gives you a better understanding of how to properly cancel your Burn Boot Camp membership. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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