How To Cancel Take 5 Car Wash Membership?

Take 5 car wash is a popular express car wash service with locations across the Southern and Midwestern United States. They offer monthly membership plans that provide unlimited car washes at a discounted rate compared to paying per wash. However, you may decide you want to cancel your Take 5 membership at some point. This article will provide complete information on how to easily cancel your Take 5 car wash membership through various methods.

How to Cancel a Take 5 Membership

There are a few different methods you can use to cancel your Take 5 car wash membership when you decide you no longer want to remain enrolled. Here are step-by-step instructions for each cancellation option:

Cancel Take 5 Car Wash Membership at Location

  1. You can visit your nearby Take 5 car wash location to cancel your membership plan.
  2. You will be required to talk to the attendant there and tell them that you wish to cancel your membership.
  3. Provide them with your membership details and number and also the information they might require.
  4. They will help you accordingly and cancel your membership plan.

Cancel Take 5 Car Wash Online Via Cancellation Form

  1. If you don’t want to visit your local car wash location then you can cancel your Take 5 membership online.
  2. You can visit the official website and fill out the cancellation form there.
  3. You will be required to provide your name, email address, membership number, and also your contact number in the form details.
  4. Submit the request when you are done and your membership will be canceled.

Cancel Take 5 Car Wash Via Customer Service

  1. You can also let their Customer Care department cancel your membership plan.
  2. Go to your default email app on your device and then compose an email for the same.
  3. Write down that you wish to cancel your Take 5 Car wash membership and provide your membership number.
  4. Send the email to the Take 5 customer service email address
  5. A Take 5 representative will contact you to confirm and process the cancellation request.

Take 5 Car Wash Membership Cancellation Policies

Take 5 membership plans are on monthly billing cycles and auto-renew each month. To avoid being charged for the next month, you must cancel at least 7 days before your next scheduled billing date. Cancellations are not prorated so you will remain an active member for the remainder of the monthly period you cancel in. Take 5 does not provide membership refunds but you can cancel at any time by the methods provided above.


Cancelling your Take 5 car wash membership is quick and straightforward when using one of their cancellation options. You can cancel in-person, online, by phone, or through their app in just a few minutes to stop future billing charges. Just be sure to cancel at least a week before your next scheduled payment date. Now you have all the details on how to go about canceling Take 5 car wash memberships through the available methods.


What is the Take 5 car wash cancellation phone number?

You can call 1-855-928-5585 to cancel your Take 5 membership over the phone.

Can I cancel a Take 5 membership online?

Yes, you can cancel online through their membership cancellation form on the Take 5 website.

Where do I find my Take 5 membership number to cancel?

Your membership number will be printed on your Take 5 RFID tag located on your windshield.

Does Take 5 offer monthly membership plans?

Yes, Take 5 has monthly unlimited membership plans that allow unlimited washes at discounted rates.

How do I contact Take 5 corporate office?

You can call the Take 5 corporate office at 1-800-662-3430 or email

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