How To Cancel Petco Vital Care Membership? 4 Methods!!

You want to cancel your Petco Vital Care Premier subscription? because you changed your mind. That’s totally fine, we understand. This article will help you cancel smoothly and easily. Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to cancel in no time.

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What is Petco Vital Care Premier?

petco care

Petco has been a trailblazer in the pet care industry since it was founded in 1965. Over the past 50+ years, the company has set new standards for comprehensive pet wellness solutions through its products, services, and by creating communities that strengthen pet-parent relationships.

Today, Petco operates an extensive network of over 1,500 retail locations across the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. This includes a growing number of in-store veterinary hospitals, now totaling more than 100 locations.

Petco Dog Premier Membership Pricing

PlanAnnual FeePayment ScheduleDiscount
Vital Care$0N/A20% savings
Premier Membership$239.88One annual paymentN/A
Premier Membership$239.8812 monthly payments of $24.99N/A
Petco Dog Premier plan

Cancellation Process

If you’ve decided Petco’s Vital Care Premier subscription is no longer right for you, here are the steps to cancel your membership:

Important Notice Before Cancelling

Note: You can only cancel after the 12-month commitment finishes.

To cancel via the Petco website:

  1. Go to and log into your Petco account.
  2. Click on “My Account” and select “Vital Care” from the left menu.
  3. Under your Vital Care Premier subscription, click on “Manage Subscription”.
  4. Toggle the auto-renew button to the off position.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the cancellation.

To cancel via the Petco app:

Petco Android App
  1. Open the Petco app and log into your account.
  2. Tap the profile icon in the bottom right.
  3. Select “Vital Care” from the menu.
  4. Tap on your Vital Care Premier subscription.
  5. Toggle off the auto-renew switch.
  6. Confirm the cancellation when prompted.

To cancel via phone:

  1. Call Petco Vital Care Premier customer service at 858-657-2035.
  2. Provide your Petco account information.
  3. Request to cancel your Vital Care Premier auto-renewal.
  4. The agent will process your cancellation request.

To cancel via email:

  1. Email
  2. Specify you want to cancel your Vital Care Premier subscription.
  3. Include your name, Petco account number or phone number.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email once it is cancelled.

Cancel Petco Vital Care Via Phone (Local List)

You can find your nearest Petco’s location to cancel your membership.

Source: Google Map.

Store NamePhone NumberHours
Petco, Vancouver, WA(360) 253-5540Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Seattle, WA(206) 548-1400Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Chico, CA(530) 226-1200Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Sacramento, CA(916) 923-1082Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Boise, ID(208) 772-7588Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Howard Beach, NY(718) 845-3331Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Medford, MA(781) 350-1999Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Citrus Heights, CA(916) 725-2556Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Portland, OR(503) 231-2466Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Yakima, WA(509) 457-1043Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Green Bay, WI(920) 465-1983Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Clackamas, OR(503) 654-0647Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Monrovia, CA(626) 434-8818Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Oak Lawn, IL(708) 430-4400Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Kennewick, WA(509) 582-4128Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Manhattan, NY(212) 593-7213Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Salem, OR(503) 364-1504Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Manhattan, NY(212) 877-1270Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Brentwood, CA(925) 308-7307Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Maplewood, MN(651) 696-1906Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Sacramento, CA(916) 786-8655Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, San Francisco, CA(415) 255-7156Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, West Bloomfield Township, MI(248) 553-2786Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Bozeman, MT(406) 251-1362Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Redlands, CA(909) 335-0842Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, East Syracuse, NY(315) 788-8706Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Denver, CO(303) 756-0892Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Glendale, AZ(623) 877-2730Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Visalia, CA(559) 733-5646Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Oak Lawn, IL(708) 442-4550Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Yuba City, CA(530) 674-1816Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Anaheim, CA(714) 289-1400Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Fresno, CA(559) 226-4941Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Los Angeles, CA(213) 372-1390Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Los Angeles, CA(323) 826-9607Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Madison Heights, MI(586) 751-3392Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Montebello, CA(323) 724-3194Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Nashua, NH(603) 897-7387Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Greenfield, WI(414) 325-6464Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Quincy, MA(617) 471-5973Open, Closes 7 PM
Petco, New York, NY(212) 369-7903Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Pasadena, CA(626) 577-2600Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Fairfax, VA(703) 352-3300Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Chico, CA(530) 801-6355Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Norridge, IL(708) 457-8603Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Fontana, CA(909) 349-1830Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Paramus, NJ(973) 237-9451Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Commack, NY(631) 289-7240Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Bay Shore, NY(631) 206-1047Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Columbus, OH(614) 298-8014Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Los Angeles, CA(323) 934-8444Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Las Vegas, NV(702) 253-7800Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Mountain View, CA(408) 774-0171Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Bolingbrook, IL(630) 782-0648Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Avon, MA(508) 580-4055Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Fort Collins, CO(970) 484-4477Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Glendale, AZ(623) 936-4034Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, San Jose, CA(408) 532-9030Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Lansing, MI(517) 333-8544Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Temecula, CA(951) 296-0388Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Bronx, NY(718) 530-7334Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Sacramento, CA(916) 455-2531Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Escondido, CA(760) 781-1600Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Homewood, IL(708) 206-0639Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Poughkeepsie, NY(845) 298-4380Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Chicago, IL(312) 243-2620Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Sioux Falls, SD(605) 361-5095Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Philadelphia, PA(215) 671-9601Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Modesto, CA(209) 357-1488Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Murrieta, CA(951) 808-4765Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Detroit, MI(313) 366-2129Open, Closes 7 PM
Petco, Chelmsford, MA(978) 840-5810Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Bloomingdale, IL(630) 307-1210Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Lakewood, CO(303) 985-0050Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Irving, TX(972) 871-0525Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Philadelphia, PA(215) 483-4152Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, West Springfield, MA(413) 539-9197Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Washington, DC(202) 332-0010Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Corona, CA(951) 697-8060Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Akron, OH(330) 677-1134Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Sterling, VA(571) 434-6562Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Overland Park, KS(913) 859-9720Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Evergreen Park, IL(708) 907-4297Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Bourbonnais, IL(815) 929-0245Open, Closes 7 PM
Petco, Morgan Hill, CA(408) 778-2465Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Old Bridge Township, NJ(732) 721-9610Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Wauwatosa, WI(414) 461-1996Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Manteca, CA(209) 647-7290Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Chandler, AZ(480) 854-1550Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Tinton Falls, NJ(732) 866-0517Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Westfield, MA(413) 486-6020Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Omaha, NE(402) 551-0885Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Kingston, NY(845) 443-2881Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Toledo, OH(419) 472-3810Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Allentown, PA(610) 797-4656Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Portage, MI(269) 321-0719Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Shorewood, IL(815) 436-6857Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, San Diego, CA(619) 476-8064Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, High Point, NC(336) 294-2681Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Bangor, ME(207) 945-0049Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Washington, DC(202) 777-4390Open, Closes 7 PM
Petco, Fenton, MO(314) 839-5136Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Irvine, CA(949) 262-1400Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Denver, CO(303) 770-0607Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Houston, TX(281) 506-1923Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Blackwood, NJ(609) 415-6388Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Bakersfield, CA(661) 587-1097Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, West Babylon, NY(516) 868-7120Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, West Des Moines, IA(515) 223-8580Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, San Mateo, CA(650) 357-9480Closed, Opens 9 AM
Petco, Greenwood, IN(317) 881-4021Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Fairview Heights, IL(618) 398-1430Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, South Portland, ME(207) 772-9119Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Fayetteville, NC(910) 708-5001Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Ankeny, IA(515) 223-7785Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Omaha, NE(402) 484-7511Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Richardson, TX(972) 238-5257Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Mesquite, TX(469) 357-2904Open, Closes 9 PM
Petco, Colorado Springs, CO(719) 543-6160Open, Closes 8 PM
Petco, Clarksville, TN(931) 221-0361Open, Closes 8 PM

Things to Consider Before Cancelling

Before canceling your Petco Vital Care Premier subscription, consider these factors:

  • Cancellation applies at the end of your current 1-year term, it does not immediately cancel the membership.
  • You will continue being billed and keep subscription benefits until the renewal date.
  • Any unused Vital Care Rewards expire 45 days after issuance. You may want to use them before canceling.
  • Make sure to use up subscription discounts on grooming, supplies, nutrition, etc before the membership ends.
  • Vital Care Premier gives discounts on vet services that you would otherwise pay full price for.
  • If you pause instead of fully cancel, you can resume the membership later as long as you remain enrolled.


Petco makes it relatively straightforward to cancel your Vital Care Premier subscription through their website, app, by phone, or via email. Just make sure to toggle off auto-renewal so you aren’t charged again at the end of your term. And consider the benefits you’d be losing with cancellation before making your final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I cancel my Petco Vital Care Premier auto-renewal?

You can cancel your Petco Vital Care Premier auto-renewal by logging into your account on the Petco website or app. Go to your subscription settings and toggle off the auto-renew option. You can also call 858-657-2035 or email to cancel the auto-renewal.

If I cancel Vital Care Premier, when does my membership end?

Your Vital Care Premier membership remains active until the end of your current 1-year subscription term when you cancel. The cancellation applies at your renewal date, so you keep the membership benefits until then.

What happens to my Vital Care Rewards if I cancel my subscription?

Any unused Vital Care Rewards expire 45 days after they are issued. So make sure to use any accrued rewards before canceling Vital Care Premier.

Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel Vital Care Premier mid-term?

Unfortunately refunds are not offered if you cancel your Vital Care Premier subscription before your 1-year term ends. Cancellation applies at the renewal date.

I need to call Petco to cancel Vital Care or can I do it online?

You can conveniently cancel your Premier subscription online through the Petco website or mobile app. No need to call! Just go to your account and turn off auto-renew.

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