How to Cancel FedEx Shipment With Different Methods?

With the rise of online shopping and delivery services, it’s becoming more common to want to cancel a shipment that is already in transit. Perhaps you ordered the wrong item, no longer need it as soon as expected, or found a better deal elsewhere. Whatever the reason, canceling a FedEx shipment is possible in many cases.

You can cancel FedEx shipment (Quick method)

To cancel a FedEx shipment in Ship Manager, first log into your FedEx account online. Go to the Ship History tab and select the shipment you want to cancel. Click the Cancel button for that shipment and follow any further prompts to confirm the cancellation request.

The goal of this guide is to walk through the key steps and considerations around canceling a FedEx shipment before it’s delivered. We’ll cover when cancellation is possible, how to request it, and what happens afterwards. Follow along for tips on smooth shipment cancellation.

Before Canceling

Before moving to officially cancel your FedEx shipment, take a moment to consider if it’s absolutely necessary.

Consider Rescheduling Delivery

If timing is the primary issue, see if rescheduling delivery to a later date will suffice. FedEx offers delivery date modifications for many shipping services.

Note Key Details

Check your shipment confirmation and tracking number so you have all relevant details on hand when canceling. Make sure the package hasn’t already been delivered.

Confirm Service Doesn’t Allow Cancellation

Know that FedEx SameDay, FedEx International Priority, and FedEx International Economy do not allow cancellation once booked.

Cancellation Methods

If after review you still need to cancel your shipment, here are ways to request cancellation with FedEx:

Cancel via FedEx Website

  1. Access your FedEx Ship Manager account online and log in.
  2. Locate the “Ship History” tab and click it.
  3. Find the specific shipment you want to cancel in the list and select it.
  4. Click the “Cancel” button for that shipment.
  5. Follow any additional prompts to confirm cancellation of the shipment.

Cancel via Customer Support

  1. Start chatting with customer support at
  2. Provide shipment details and request cancellation.
  3. Receive confirmation of cancellation via Customer Support.
fedex customer support

Cancel via Live Chat

  1. Start a live chat.
  2. Provide shipment details and request cancellation.
  3. Receive confirmation of cancellation via chat.

Cancel via Customer Care (Phone Call)

You can request to cancel shipment using below customer care phone number or you can call 8000 150001. I have listed phone numbers for all countries.

CountryPhone Number
USA1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 IVR Phone Menu
Canada1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 IVR Phone Menu
Austria0800 123 800
Belgium02 752 75 75
Czech Republic800 1 33339
Denmark70 233 332
France0825 886 887
Germany01806 111 800
Hungary36 80 980 980
Ireland1800 535 800
Italy+39 02-
Lithuania8800 20200
Luxembourg8002 35 55
Netherlands0800 0222 333
Norway63 94 03 00
Poland801 002 800 or 22 211 80 00
Spain902 100 871
Sweden0200 252 252
Switzerland0848 1 33339
United Kingdom03456 07 08 09
India1 800-22-6161
Saudi Arabia800 8501520
South Africa08000 33339
New Zealand0800.733.339
Papua New Guinea675.325.2411
New Caledonia36.67.17
French Polynesia40.45.365
American Samoa699.48
Cook Islands233.62
Hong Kong+852.2730.3333
Cambodia+855 23 923 339
Brazil0800 703 3339
Dominican Republic1-809-565-3636
Puerto Rico1-787-793-9300
FedEx Customer Care Numbers by country

After Canceling

Once you’ve canceled through FedEx, here are some final steps to take:

Review Cancellation Policy

Understand any cancellation fees based on timing, shipping service, etc. outlined in FedEx terms.

Confirm Shipment Status

Check tracking to verify the status has been updated to canceled after submission.

Manage Refund or Credit

If applicable, allow time for any refund or account credit to process after cancellation.

Wrap Up

To successfully cancel a FedEx shipment:

  • Consider rescheduling delivery instead of fully canceling if timing is the issue.
  • Have all shipment details on hand when canceling for easy reference.
  • Use one of the cancellation channels like website, phone, or chat.
  • Confirm the cancellation went through and the status updated.
  • Check on any refunds or credits owed back for the canceled shipment cost.

With this guide, you should feel equipped to smoothly cancel a FedEx shipment when needed. Just act quickly before the package ships and follow up to verify cancellation. Reach out to FedEx with any questions.

If you still struggling: Reach out to us.

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