How to Cancel Workout Anytime Membership

You signed up for a Workout Anytime membership, but now you want to cancel. Don’t worry, canceling your Workout Anytime membership is straightforward. This guide will walk you through the steps to cancel quickly and easily.

To cancel your Workout Anytime membership, you need to:

  • Cancel in person at your home gym location
  • Cancel via phone

That’s it! By following those steps, your Workout Anytime membership will be cancelled and you will not be charged again.

Read the below article about how the cancellation process works.

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What is Workout Anytime?

Workout Anytime is a 24/7 gym franchise with over 180 locations across the United States. Members get access to treadmills, weights, cardio equipment, and more. Their gyms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Workout Anytime offers different membership options depending on your location. Find your location pricing here. Common options include:

workout anytime

Cancelling In Person

The easiest way to cancel your Workout Anytime membership is to do it in person at your home gym location.

Here’s how:

  • Go to the Workout Anytime gym location you signed up at
  • Speak to the front desk staff or manager
  • Let them know you want to cancel your membership
  • They will have you fill out a cancellation form

Once you fill out the form, your membership will be cancelled right away. Make sure to get a copy for your records.

Cancelling via Phone

Calling your gym is another easy way to cancel:

  • Find the phone number on the gym’s website or your membership agreement
  • Call during normal business hours
  • Let them know you want to cancel your membership
  • They will process the cancellation over the phone

Make sure to get the name of the staff member you speak with and confirmation your cancellation went through. Follow up if you don’t hear back.

Workout Anytime Locations With Phone Number:

LocationPhone NumberAddress
Workout Anytime Cary(919) 724-46001235 NW Maynard Rd
Workout Anytime Bearden(865) 558-35886739 Kingston Pike Ste A
Workout Anytime Hurst(430) 255-8143712 W Pipeline Rd Ste 500
Workout Anytime Marietta(678) 355-5530800 Whitlock Ave NW
Workout Anytime Lake Worth(682) 800-23654625 Boat Club Rd Ste 241
Workout Anytime Highland Village(972) 885-87641952 Justin Rd Ste 118
Workout Anytime Duncanville(469) 860-9138111 S Cedar Ridge Dr #115
Workout Anytime Casa View(214) 758-01792425 Gus Thomasson Rd
Workout Anytime(817) 563-90004701 W Sublett Rd Ste 111
Workout Anytime Kennesaw(770) 422-22791600 Kennesaw Due West Rd NW
Workout Anytime Princeton(469) 609-0770200 Beauchamp Blvd Ste106
Workout Anytime Calhoun(706) 609-0945516 W Belmont Dr
Workout Anytime Buckhead(404) 355-72901715 Howell Mill Rd NW UNIT B1
Workout Anytime North Arlington(682) 302-81001701 W Randol Mill Rd Suite 542B
Workout Anytime Plano East(940) 220-98634101 E Park Blvd
Workout Anytime Anna(469) 840-41002010 W White St Ste 140
Workout Anytime Longwood(407) 450-5646165 Wekiva Springs Rd
Workout Anytime Hilltop-Jonesboro(870) 336-02903410 E Johnson Ave Ste V
Workout Anytime Plano West(469) 367-00303100 Independence Pkwy Ste 314
Workout Anytime Locations With Phone Number

Cancellation Fees

Most Workout Anytime locations do not charge fees for cancellation, as long as you cancel in person, or via phone.

However, some franchise locations may charge a cancellation fee, typically $20-50. Check your membership agreement to see if any cancellation fees apply at your gym.

Refund Policy

Will you get a refund of your membership fees if you cancel? Unfortunately, Workout Anytime does not offer refunds on cancelled memberships. You will not be charged again after cancelling, but cannot get refunded for unused membership time as per Workout Anytime Terms.

things to consider before canceling


How do I cancel my Workout Anytime membership online?

Unfortunately, Workout Anytime does not offer online cancellation options. To cancel, you need to either visit the gym in person, call them, or email them directly. There is no way to cancel through the website.

What is the email address to cancel Workout Anytime membership?

To cancel via email, contact the specific gym location you signed up at. Find their individual email address on the gym’s website or your membership agreement. Ask for help on their support email

Is there a cancellation fee for Workout Anytime?

Most Workout Anytime gyms do not charge cancellation fees. However, some locations may charge $20-50 to cancel. Check your membership agreement to see if a cancellation fee applies to your gym.

Can I freeze my Workout Anytime membership?

Yes, most Workout Anytime locations allow you to temporarily freeze your membership for 1-3 months if needed due to injury, travel, or other life events. This pauses your membership instead of fully cancelling it. Contact your gym to ask about freeze policies and any fees that may apply.

What is the Workout Anytime cancellation phone number?

There is no single cancellation number that works for all gyms. You need to call the specific Workout Anytime location you signed up at to cancel over the phone. Refer to your membership agreement or the gym’s website for their direct phone number.

Wrap Up

In summary, cancelling your Workout Anytime membership is easy as long as you do it in person, via phone, or email. This will avoid any hassles or cancellation fees. Consider all your options before cancelling, and follow up to make sure they process your request. With this guide, you’ll be able to cancel smoothly and move on.

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