How to Cancel Urban Air Membership: 99% Sucess

Want to cancel your Urban Air membership because you don’t use it anymore or it’s too expensive? No worries. This article will explain exactly how to cancel and what Urban Air’s cancellation policy is so you can cancel your membership. Let’s get you through the steps to freedom from monthly payments!

What is Urban Air?

Urban Air is an indoor adventure park franchise featuring trampolines, climbing walls, warrior courses, tubes, ropes courses, and more. Families can purchase memberships for discounted entry and access to the parks.

Urban Air
Urban Air

There are three membership levels available:

  • Ultimate- $13.99/month
  • Deluxe- $10.99/month
Urban Air Membership Option
Urban Air Membership Option

Each level offers various perks and discounts. Memberships can provide great savings for frequent visitors, but require a 12 month commitment upon sign up.

Cancellation Policy

Urban Air memberships cannot be cancelled within the first 12 months except for special circumstances. After 12 months, cancellations must be completed online.

The three exceptions allowing cancellation within 12 months are:

  • Death
  • Disability
  • Moving 25+ miles away

Documentation is required in these cases and send documents to

How to Cancel Urban Air Membership Before 12 Months

As per Urban Air policy, you can’t cancel membership before 12 months. You can contact your bank or credit card provider to disable auto-payment option but it’s violating provision of membership agreement. Violation of Urban Air Policy may lead to suspension of your membership and could result in penalties or suspension of membership privileges by Urban Air, as well as potential legal repercussions.

I cannot recommend courses of action that may violate policies, laws or involve legal risks. Please act thoughtfully and according to your own judgment.

For exampleViolating Urban Air Policy

How to Cancel Urban Air Membership After 12 Months

After completing the 12 month commitment, there are several ways to cancel an Urban Air membership:

Cancel Online

The primary method is to cancel online through the membership account portal. To do so:

  1. Login at contact us page.
  2. Fill your name, email, phone, nearest urban location, inside contact me – Choose “customer support”.
  3. Inside the message field, write you want to cancel your membership.
  4. Review and click on “Submit“.

Cancellations made online will take effect on the next billing date following submission.

Urban Air Cancellation Form
Urban Air Cancellation Form

This stops payments from continuing but does not deactivate your current membership. This method is most effective method.

Example message:

Dear Urban Air, I am writing to cancel my membership, number 555555, effective immediately. I appreciate the activities and facilities that Urban Air offers. However, my family’s schedule has changed, and we no longer have time to utilize the membership. Please cancel and refund any unused portion of my membership fees. I understand that my last billing date was 01/15/2023. Thank you for your assistance with this matter. I hope my family will be able to rejoin Urban Air in the future. Sincerely, [Your Name]

Cancel Auto-Renewal on PayPal

If PayPal is the payment method for your Urban Air membership, you can cancel auto-renewal by:

  1. Logging in to your PayPal account
  2. Clicking the Settings icon
  3. Selecting Payments
  4. Choosing Preapproved Payments
  5. Locating the Urban Air membership and clicking Cancel

Cancel via Email

Though not the preferred method, you can email a cancellation request to Urban Air after 12 months:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Specify you want to cancel your membership
  3. Include your full name and membership details
  4. Request written confirmation of your cancellation

It can take up to 10 days to process email cancellations so keep attending until you receive confirmation.

Cancel via Phone

Though not the standard method, you may be able to cancel an Urban Air membership by phone after 12 months:

  1. Call your home Urban Air park directly
  2. Ask to cancel your membership over the phone
  3. Get verbal confirmation of the cancellation during the call
  4. Request follow up written confirmation via email

Phone cancellations can take up to 10 days to fully process. Visit the park normally during that time.

Cancel via Mail

To cancel by physical mail after 12 months:

  1. Write a cancellation letter including your name and membership details
  2. Keep a dated copy for your records
  3. Mail the letter via registered mail to:Urban Air Membership Support
    2350 Airport Freeway Suite 505 Bedford, TX 76022

As with other methods, continue using your membership until you receive written confirmation. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for mail cancellations.

Cancel in Person

You can cancel in person at your home Urban Air Adventure Park after finishing 12 monthly payments:

  1. Visit during normal business hours
  2. Ask to speak with a membership sales manager
  3. Inform them you want to cancel your membership
  4. Get written confirmation before leaving

Cancellations made in person take effect immediately but may still require follow up written confirmation via email or mail.

Considerations Before Cancelling

  • Review the membership agreement to ensure the 12 month period has passed
  • Check account details like membership level, monthly cost, and billing date
  • Consider downgrading vs. fully cancelling if partially used
  • Be prepared to lose access to discounts and park admission
  • Know another payment method will be needed for future visits

Refund Policy When Canceling Urban Air Memberships

Urban Air maintains a strict no refunds policy on membership fees even when memberships are properly cancelled after completing the 12 month commitment.

Any payments made prior to the effective cancellation date are non-refundable. Urban Air will not refund the unused portion of an active membership or previously paid monthly fees upon cancellation.

Canceling, Pausing, or Ending Your Membership

Here’s how you can cancel, temporarily pause, or permanently end your membership if needed:

Canceling Your Pass Once your first 12 months are up, you can cancel anytime. Just log into your account online and click to cancel. Your pass will stay active until your next billing date after you cancel.

Pausing Your Pass Need to press pause on park visits for a bit? If you’ve had your pass for over 12 months, you can request to temporarily suspend it. Just contact us to explain why you need to hit pause.

suspending your pass if you miss payments or break park rules.


While Urban Air memberships offer discounts for frequent park visitors, they require a 12 month commitment. Cancelling within the first year is restricted, so be sure to review cancellation policies carefully when signing up.

After 12 months, memberships can be cancelled online through the membership portal by the next billing date. Be aware Urban Air does not provide refunds on cancelled memberships. Evaluate your use and budget to decide if cancellation is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my membership at any Urban Air location?

Memberships can only be used at the home location where purchased. Visiting other parks requires paying the standard entry fee.

How do I cancel if moving more than 25 miles away?

Written notice and proof of your relocation must be provided by email or mail. This allows cancellation before 12 months.

What if I can no longer physically use my membership due to injury?

Written notice from a doctor indicating you cannot utilize membership activities is required. Submit by email or mail.

How soon after cancelling will my membership deactivate?

Memberships remain active until the next billing date after cancellation is processed.

What if my credit card on file expires before I cancel?

You must update payment information prior to cancellation taking effect to avoid issues.

Are Urban Air memberships good at all locations?

No, Urban Air memberships are only valid at the home location where purchased. To visit other Urban Air Adventure Parks, members must pay the standard entry fee. Some benefits may vary by location.

Can I cancel my Urban Air membership?

Yes, you can cancel an Urban Air membership after completing the initial 12 month commitment. Cancellation must be done online through the membership portal.

Can I use my urban air membership at any location?

No, Urban Air memberships are only valid at the home location where originally purchased. Visiting other parks requires paying the regular admission rate.

How do I cancel my urban air membership online?

Login to, navigate to the cancellation page, select your membership, and confirm cancellation. Your membership will remain active until the next billing date.

How to cancel urban air membership before 12 months?

Memberships cannot be cancelled within the first 12 months without paying an early termination fee. Only special circumstances like injury/disability or relocation allow early cancellation.

How to find urban air membership cancellation number?

Urban Air does not utilize cancellation numbers. Memberships must be cancelled online through the membership account portal after 12 monthly payments. For any inquiries, you can call customer care number 330-532-7116.

What is urban air membership cancellation policy?

Urban Air memberships cannot be cancelled within the first 12 months without penalty. After 12 months, memberships can be cancelled at any time by logging into the online portal.

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