How to Cancel Trufit Membership?

You signed up for a Trufit membership but now want to cancel it. That’s completely understandable – life happens and plans change. Cancelling your Trufit membership is easy if you know the steps. This article will walk you through how to cancel your Trufit membership, no matter what type you have.

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What is Trufit?

Trufit is a fitness club chain that gives you access to gyms across the country. With over 37 locations nationwide, you can work out at any Trufit gym with a membership.

At Trufit, you can make use of treadmills, weights, indoor pools, and more. Take your pick from group classes like yoga, spinning, or bootcamps. You can also get one-on-one training sessions, physical therapy, or even a massage. Pretty much anything you need to meet your fitness goals is available.

Trufit Pricing Plans

PlanMonthly DuesEnrollment FeeClub AccessFitness Floor AccessOnline NutritionTru RecoveryGroup ClassesFit 3D Body ScansChildcareGuest PrivilegeTru PowerCombo 6TruFit + On Demand Streaming
Basic$10$29 + 1st monthSingle ClubYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Essentials$24$1 + 14 days freeAll ClubsYesNoNoYes1 Scan per MonthNoNoNoNoNo
Results+$34$1 + 14 days freeAll ClubsYesYesYesYesUnlimitedYesFri-SunYesYesYes
True Fit Membership Pricing Plan

Note: Membership pricing may vary depending on location.

As you can see, longer membership terms come with lower monthly rates, but require a commitment. Prepaid terms offer the lowest overall rates.

Cancellation Process

To cancel your Trufit membership:

  • Determine what type of membership you have – Trufit offers month-to-month, term (3, 6, or 12 months), and prepaid term memberships. The cancellation process differs slightly depending on which you have.
  • Review your contract – Check the fine print in your Trufit contract for specifics on the cancellation policy, including any cancellation fees that may apply. This will outline the steps you need to take.
  • Cancel in writing – All membership cancellations must be submitted in writing, either by bringing a letter to your home club or sending a certified letter to the club address. Verbal cancellation requests are not accepted.
  • Mind the notice period – For month-to-month memberships, you must cancel at least 10 days before your next billing date. For term memberships, notice must be given 30 days out.
  • Pay any balance due – Any outstanding account balance must be paid at the time of cancellation. Refunds are only issued for prepaid term memberships on unused portions.
  • Follow up and confirm – After submitting your cancellation request, follow up to ensure it was received and processed properly. Mistakes happen, so confirm your membership is cancelled.

Refund & Warranty Policy


  • You can cancel an order within 5 days of purchase for a full refund minus fees.
  • Orders cannot be cancelled after 10 days from purchase date.
  • Products are made to order. Exchanges allowed if product is different than agreed upon specs.


  • Refunds go back to original payment method. Allow 1-2 cycles for credit card refunds.
  • Gift cards refunded to original gift card. Allow 1-2 cycles for gift card refunds.

Things to Consider Before Cancelling

Before cancelling, consider:

things to consider before canceling trufit

Wrap Up

We hope this guide gave you the steps required to cancel your Trufit membership smoothly. Just determine your membership type, review your contract, and submit written cancellation by the deadline stated. Be aware of any fees due or limitations on refunds. With the proper notice, you can cancel quickly and easily. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Trufit for assistance with the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trufit’s cancellation email?

There is no email for cancellation and can’t cancel your membership through email. You have to write a letter to the Home Club mentioning that you want to cancel your membership

What is Trufit’s customer service phone number?

Call your Home Club for any questions that you have. Here are some of Home Club’s phone numbers:

Home ClubPhone Number
TruFit Athletic Clubs – SW Military/Flores(210) 239-9025
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Conway(956) 997-3633
TruFit Athletic Clubs – 410/Bandera(210) 248-9360
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Park North Center(210) 794-0767
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Walzem(210) 236-7712
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Ridge Rd(956) 683-8808
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Ware Rd Exp 83(956) 627-6631
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Ft. Hood St.(254) 262-4041
TruFit Athletic Clubs – S. New Braunfels Ave.(210) 259-8123
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Griffin Parkway(956) 583-4040
TruFit Athletic Clubs(915) 300-1993
TruFit Athletic Clubs – N. County Rd(432) 614-5664
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Trenton(956) 386-9970
TruFit Athletic Clubs(956) 602-1541
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Sunset Dr(325) 949-8888
TruFit Athletic Clubs – 4th St(806) 687-4242
TruFit Athletic Clubs – I40/Bell St.(806) 803-2302
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Boca Chica(956) 544-7867
TruFit Athletic Clubs – W Exp 83(956) 854-4118
TruFit Athletic Clubs – Sunrise Mall(956) 506-1234
True fit home club phone number

How do I cancel Trufit membership?

To cancel a Trufit membership, send written notice by certified mail or in person at your home club. Provide 10+ days notice based on membership type. Clear any account balances, and call customer service to confirm cancellation.

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