How to Cancel SimpliSafe Monitoring [Simple Steps]

Are you looking to cancel SimpliSafe monitoring? Maybe you’re moving or simply feel you no longer need monitoring. Whatever the reason, cancelling SimpliSafe is straightforward when you follow these steps.

Overview of SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a popular DIY home security company. With SimpliSafe, you purchase equipment like motion sensors, entry sensors, cameras, etc. Then you install the system yourself and add professional monitoring for $9.99 – $29.99 per month.

Key features of SimpliSafe include:

  • DIY installation with no contracts
  • No cancellation fees
  • Customizable equipment packages
  • Monitoring plans starting at $9.99 per month
  • Mobile app controls

Many homeowners opt for SimpliSafe because there are no contracts. You can start and stop monitoring at any time without fees. Customers also like the flexibility to build a system with only the devices they need.

How to Cancel SimpliSafe (Steps)

Ready to cancel your SimpliSafe subscription? Follow these steps:

1. Call SimpliSafe Customer Service

The only way to cancel SimpliSafe is to call customer service at: 1-888-783-8441 or 800-548-9508. SimpliSafe does not offer online cancellation.

2. Provide Your Account Information

The customer service agent will first verify your identity by asking for:

  • First and last name on the account
  • Address where SimpliSafe system is installed
  • Phone number on file
  • Email on file
  • Safeword (chosen during activation)

Verify all account details so the agent can pull up your SimpliSafe subscription.

3. Explain You Want to Cancel

Clearly state that you want to cancel your SimpliSafe monitoring service immediately. The agent may ask why you are cancelling, but you do not have to provide an explanation.

Be firm if the agent offers discounts or deals to keep your business. Simply respond that you are not interested and want to proceed with cancellation.

4. Confirm Cancellation Details

The agent will read a cancellation confirmation script detailing when monitoring will end and reaffirming you own the equipment.

  • Ask any final questions about cancellation policies or the timing of your final bill.
  • Double-check the cancellation date to ensure your monitoring will end when expected.

Once the call is complete, your SimpliSafe cancellation is finished. You will no longer be billed for monitoring after the final billing cycle.

SimpliSafe Pricing Plans

Before canceling, it helps to know what SimpliSafe charges for monitoring. Here are the pricing options:

PlanMonthly PriceKey Features
Fast ProtectTM$29.99➡️ 24/7 professional monitoring 
➡️ Cellular backup 
➡️ Unlimited video recording 
➡️ Remote access
Standard Monitoring$19.99➡️ 24/7 professional monitoring 
➡️ Cellular backup
Self Monitoring with Cameras$9.99➡️ 30-day video recording 
➡️ Remote access
Unmonitored$0➡️ No professional monitoring 
➡️ Remote access
SimpliSafe Pricing Plans

Cancelling your monitoring plan means giving up features like live video monitoring, text alerts, and 24/7 professional monitoring. However, you keep your SimpliSafe system and can restart service anytime.

Cancelling Via SimpliSafe’s Website

SimpliSafe does not currently offer online cancellations. The SimpliSafe website does not provide any way to cancel your monitoring subscription.

You have to call and speak to a live agent, even if you want to cancel service immediately. SimpliSafe does this to ensure customers fully understand cancellation policies and to allow agents to offer retention deals.

SimpliSafe Refund Policy

SimpliSafe has a satisfaction guarantee when you first sign up. If you cancel monitoring within 60 days of activating SimpliSafe, you can return equipment for a full refund. This includes any payments made for the monitoring subscription itself.

After 60 days, SimpliSafe does not provide refunds if you cancel, including for any prepaid monitoring fees.

What Happens When You Cancel SimpliSafe?

Here are key things to note when cancelling a SimpliSafe subscription:

  • Monitoring stops – With no monitoring subscription, SimpliSafe system sensors and cameras will still work locally but won’t connect to the monitoring centre.
  • No more app access – You’ll be locked out of the SimpliSafe app for controlling your system remotely once monitoring stops.
  • Keep equipment – The SimpliSafe base station, keypad, sensors, cameras, etc. belong to you even after cancellation.
  • Can restart anytime – You can sign back up for SimpliSafe monitoring in the future with no penalties or fees. Just call customer service when ready to reactivate.

Wrap Up

Cancelling your SimpliSafe subscription is easy by calling customer service at 1-888-783-8441. Have your account information ready and clearly state you want to cancel. Monitoring will end immediately, with no cancellation fees. While you’ll lose professional monitoring, you get to keep using SimpliSafe equipment. You can always restart the service later with no activation fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about canceling your SimpliSafe home security subscription:

Can I reactivate my SimpliSafe subscription later?

Yes, you can restart SimpliSafe service at anytime with no activation fees. Call SimpliSafe customer service to begin monitoring again when you’re ready.

How do I delete my SimpliSafe account permanently?

Your SimpliSafe account is automatically deleted shortly after cancellation. You cannot delete a SimpliSafe account without first canceling service.

Can I give my SimpliSafe equipment to someone else?

Yes, SimpliSafe equipment can be reused. The new owner will create their own SimpliSafe account and monitoring subscription. Call support for help transferring equipment.

Does SimpliSafe offer month-to-month or seasonal plans?

Yes, the SimpliSafe plan is month-to-month. No contract or no hidden fee. You must pay for monitoring monthly.

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