How to Cancel Scentbox Subscription in 3 Easy Ways

Would you like to cancel your Scentbox fragrance subscription? Whether you feel you have enough perfumes and colognes or simply want to pause your subscription for a while, cancelling Scentbox is quick and straightforward.

This guide will outline the 3 main methods to cancel Scentbox to stop monthly charges going forward:

We’ll also cover the Scentbox cancellation and refund policy, as well as things to consider before cancelling your designer fragrance subscription.

What is Scentbox?


Before diving into how to cancel your subscription, let’s look quickly at what Scentbox is and how its membership works:

Scentbox is a monthly perfume and cologne subscription service that allows members to sample new fragrances each month.

Members pick one new scent to try out each month from Scentbox’s collection of over 1,000 designer fragrances. Subscribers get a 30-day supply of their chosen fragrance delivered monthly.

Scentbox offers monthly memberships starting at $16.95 per month with free shipping. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime online or by contacting their support team.

How to Cancel Scentbox

Scentbox offers monthly subscriptions to sample and discover new designer fragrances. Subscribers get to pick a new scent each month to try out.

If you’re ready to take a break from your monthly deliveries, here are the main ways to cancel:

To Cancel via Email

To cancel by email, send a message to with:

  • Write your full name
  • Email address on your Scentbox account
  • Write the subject as “Cancel My Scentbox Subscription” and request for cancellation

You’ll typically receive a confirmation of your cancellation within 1 business day.

Example email:

Subject: Cancel My Scentbox Subscription

Dear Scentbox,

I would like to cancel my monthly Scentbox subscription effective immediately.

My full name is John Smith and the email on my Scentbox account is [enter your email]

Please confirm that my subscription has been cancelled and I will not be charged again. I do not need my current month’s fragrance shipment.

Thank you for your quick assistance with this request. Please let me know once my Scentbox cancellation is processed.

Best Regards,


To Cancel via Phone

Follow these steps to cancel your monthly Scentbox subscription over the phone:

  1. Call Scentbox’s support line at 1-844-782-9629
  2. Provide the agent your full name and email address on your Scentbox account when prompted
  3. Clearly state you want to cancel your Scentbox membership
  4. The agent will then cancel your subscription immediately and confirm cancellation

Cancel Through the Contact Form

To cancel your monthly membership via the Scentbox contact form:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Cancel Subscription” as the Subject
  3. Enter your name, email, and write a message indicating you want to cancel
  4. Click submit and check your email for confirmation of cancellation

Their team will follow up to confirm cancellation of your subscription.

Scentbox Pricing Plans (1 Scent/Month)

Scentbox Pricing
Scentbox Pricing

Scentbox offers 3 main subscription tiers: There below prices are after discount.

Scentbox Pricing Plans (1 Scent/Month)

Refund Policy

As per Scentbox policy, Scentbox does not offer refunds for any monthly box charges, so be sure to cancel before your next billing date.

Things to Consider Before Cancelling

  1. Do you still enjoy sampling new designer fragrances each month?
  2. Are you cancelling because you weren’t happy with certain scents or services? If so, provide feedback.


Cancelling your Scentbox fragrance subscription is simple by emailing support at, calling 1-844-782-9629, or submitting a cancellation request through their contact form.

Just be sure to cancel before your next billing date to avoid being charged again. Once cancelled, your membership will be deactivated immediately so you won’t receive any future monthly fragrance orders.

Scentbox makes it easy to cancel anytime as your needs change. But be sure to consider if you still enjoy discovering new scents each month at an affordable price before deciding to cancel your designer fragrance subscription.

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