How to Cancel One Country Membership in 2 Minutes

Would you like to cancel your One Country membership because you don’t really need it or for other reasons? Whatever the reason, this guide helps you cancel the subscription you no longer want through One Country by contacting customer support.

What is One Country?

One Country is an online community and subscription service focused on country music, lifestyle, and giving back. Members get access to exclusive content, automatic entry into monthly sweepstakes, volunteer opportunities to earn extra sweepstakes entries, and discounts in the One Country Shop.

One Country
One Country

Preparing for Cancellation

Before canceling your membership, understand the billing cycles and gather your account details:

  • Billing Cycles: One Country memberships auto-renew every 30 days when you sign up. This means charges recur monthly until canceled.
  • Account Information: Have your One Country login email and password ready to access your account for cancellation. Also, locate recent billing statements showing your subscription charges.

How to Cancel One Country Membership

You can cancel your One Country membership through:

Contact Customer Support

  • Email
  • Request cancellation of your account
  • Include full name and email on the account

Sample Email Example:

Subject: Cancel Membership

Dear One Country,

Please cancel my membership immediately.

Name: [insert full name] Email: [insert email address on account]

Confirm my membership cancellation and automatic renewal stoppage via email. I understand losing access to exclusive member benefits but current entries remain valid.

Contact me with any questions at [phone number/alternate email]. Thank you for promptly processing my cancellation request.

Regards, [Your name]

Once canceled, your membership and subscription billing will be stopped immediately. However, you will not receive a refund of any current billing period already paid for.

One Country Pricing Plans

One Country offers monthly membership plans with auto-renewals every 30 days at the following price points:

One Country Membership
One Country Membership

Cancelling avoids $120-720 in annual costs depending on your current package.

To Cancel via Customer Bank

If unable to cancel through the website or app, contact One Country customer service:

Provide your full name, and account details, and request to remove your membership.

Finding One Country on Billing Statements

One Country charges may show up on credit card and bank statements as:

  • OC Media Holdings LLC
  • Sweepstakes Entry Purchases

One Country Refund Policy

Unfortunately, One Country does not offer subscription refunds after charges are processed since all entries are automatically validated. Immediate cancellations stop future billing, but no prorating or current month refunds.

Refunds only apply to unused non-digital purchases, not entry fees or subscriptions, when returned within 14 days per One Country policies.

What Happens After Cancellation

Once canceled, your One Country membership, subscription, and monthly automatic sweepstakes entries will immediately stop. However, your account details remain unless requesting full deletion.

Additional Tips

  • Use subscription management apps to control recurring One Country charges
  • Set calendar reminders to review all subscriptions and spending monthly
  • Identify highest value subscriptions to keep if cutting overall costs

Wrap Up

The process of canceling any unwanted One Country subscriptions or memberships is quick and easy through customer support. Reach out for any help canceling to stop future charges. Just understand cancellation means forfeiting any remainder of prepaid subscription terms.

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