How to Cancel NASM Membership Easily

Would you like to cancel your NASM membership because you finished your certification program, money is tight, or you simply don’t need it anymore? Whatever the reason, this guide helps you to cancel your NASM membership quickly and easy methods.

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What is NASM?


NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) is a premier certification and education provider for fitness professionals. Founded in 1987, NASM offers respected certification programs like the NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT). Over 1.5 million fitness professionals have completed NASM certifications.

NASM Pricing Plans (Certified Personal Trainer)

NASM offers everything from exam-prep materials to Specializations for current trainers looking to expand their skills. Pricing varies based on the product. Here is an example of Certified personal trainer pricing.

4 Monthly Payment

PlanMonthly PaymentDown Payment + Remaining PaymentsOne-Time Payment
Self-Study$225/month25% down + 3 payments$899
Premium Self-Study$312/month25% down + 3 payments$1,249 ($1,399)
CPT Essentials Bundle$375/month25% down + 3 payments$1,499 ($2,397)
4 Monthly Payment

12 Monthly Payment

PlanMonthly PaymentDown Payment + Remaining PaymentsOne-Time Payment
Self-Study$79/month$25 down + 11 payments$899
Premium Self-Study$111/month$25 down + 11 payments$1,249 ($1,399)
CPT Essentials Bundle$134/month$25 down + 11 payments$1,499 ($2,397)
12 Monthly Payment

18 Monthly Payment

PlanMonthly PaymentDown Payment + Remaining PaymentsOne-Time Payment
Self-Study$41/month$199 down + 17 payments$899
Premium Self-Study$62/month$199 down + 17 payments$1,249 ($1,399)
CPT Essentials Bundle$76/month$199 down + 17 payments$1,499 ($2,397)
18 Monthly Payment

How to Cancel Your NASM Membership

Cancelling your NASM membership is easy and can be done via phone or email depending on your membership type. Here are the steps:

Via Phone:

Call 800-460-6276, option 1 during the following hours to speak with a member services representative:

Monday to Friday: 5am – 5pm PST Saturday to Sunday: 7am – 4pm PST

Let the representative know you want to cancel your membership and provide details like your full name and certification ID number. They will process the cancellation request during the call and email a confirmation once complete.

Via Email:

Email with your full name, certification ID number, and details on which membership you want to cancel. An NASM representative will email you back to confirm and process the cancellation request.

Important Note on Refunds

NASM maintains a strict no-refund policy, meaning cancelled subscription are non-refundable. You will have access until the term expires, then access will be terminated. This applies to all recurring memberships like NASM Edge, NASM One, and NASM Connected.

As per NASM refund policy, If you prepaid for any single courses or materials (not a subscription), you have 28 days from the date of purchase to request a refund and return any shipped materials like textbooks. A 10% administrative fee applies to all refunds.

Consider Before Cancelling

Before submitting that cancellation request, here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you still need access to online study materials to prepare for a certification exam?
  • Have you utilized all Specializations or Continuing Education courses that came with your membership?
  • Will you lose exclusive discounts or any free CEU opportunities by cancelling?
  • Is there a cheaper membership tier that still meets your needs?

If you anticipate needing any NASM member benefits in the near future, you may want to renew at a lower tier instead of fully cancelling. For example, the NASM Edge Trainer Plus starts at just $20/month.

On the other hand, if you’ve finished your program and will no longer use NASM products or services, cancellation ensures you stop accruing charges at the next renewal date.

Wrap Up

The article outlines NASM’s certification pricing, payment plans, and process for cancelling memberships. NASM offers respected fitness certifications and continuing education for professionals. Instructions are provided for cancelling via phone or email. Important details cover NASM’s no refund policy, considerations before cancelling, and options to switch to cheaper membership tiers if some benefits are still needed.

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