How to Cancel Muv Fitness Membership [Top Hacks]

Would you like to cancel “MuvFitness” because you changed your mind? That’s understandable, and this article will assist with cancelling smoothly and easily. Bold steps outline what needs to be done to cancel a Muv Fitness membership without hassle.

Visit the Club In-Person

The first step is to visit the Muv Fitness club location that the membership was purchased from in-person. Politely inform the manager on duty that cancellation of the membership is desired. The manager will guide through the remaining cancellation steps.

What is Muv Fitness?

Muv Fitness Homepage
Muv Fitness Homepage

Muv Fitness is a fitness club chain with locations across the United States. Various membership options exist including monthly memberships, annual memberships, and class package memberships. Below outlines a table of the pricing plans and potential savings Muv Fitness offers:

Muv Fitness Membership Pricing

Muv Fitness Membership Pricing
Muv Fitness Membership Pricing

Cancellation Process

  • Memberships can be cancelled in-person at the home location where it was purchased. The manager will handle cancellations.

Alternative Method to Cancel Subscription: You can reach your credit or debit card provider (bank) and request them to revoke authorization for Subscripton you don’t want anymore. Before doing anything, please read your membership agreement. You can download and read

Things to Consider Before Cancelling

Before cancelling, members should consider any initiation or upgrade fees that may be charged if re-joining Muv Fitness. Also, consider if another gym can match the convenient locations that Muv Fitness offers.


We hope this article clearly outlined the necessary steps to follow when cancelling a Muv Fitness membership. Just visit the home club and visit the manager and request for membership cancellation. Just know that no refunds are given. Please reach out with any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation fee? Muv Fitness does not charge a cancellation fee. Memberships simply expire on the paid term.

How can I cancel my Muv Fitness membership online?

Unfortunately, memberships cannot be cancelled online. You must either visit the home club location.

Can I cancel my Spokane Muv Fitness membership?

Yes, visit the Spokane location you purchased your membership from and speak to a manager to cancel your membership.

What is the Muv Fitness customer service phone number?

The customer service phone number for Spokane is (509) 774-6582. Find the customer service number Muv Fitness by location.

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