How to Cancel Massage Envy Membership [Top Hacks]

Would you like to cancel Massage Envy membership because you may reach a point where you want to cancel your membership if you no longer need their services? Whatever the reason, this guide helps you to cancel your subscription within few minutes.

Cancellation Methods

You have a few options to cancel your Massage Envy membership, depending on how you originally signed up.

Via Email

The quickest cancellation route is emailing their Guest Relations team at Simply send a message stating your intent to cancel your membership. Provide your full name, contact info, and membership details like location.

You’ll receive an email confirmation typically within 1 business day finalizing your account closure. This routes your request to the proper franchise store to process.

Example Message:

Subject: Cancellation Request – Jane Doe Membership

Dear Massage Envy Guest Relations,

I would like to cancel my Massage Envy membership effective immediately. My details are below:

Full Name: ________

Membership Number: 123456

Home Massage Envy Location: __________

Please cancel and close my membership account so I am not charged any future recurring fees. Confirm my membership cancellation and the date it will officially end via email as soon as possible.

I have enjoyed Massage Envy’s services but need to cancel at this point in time. Please let me know if any other information is needed on my end to finalize terminating my account.

Thank you for quickly processing this cancellation request.

Best Regards,

Your Name _______ Phone: 555-1234 Email: ______________

Please confirm my membership cancellation to the above contact information.

In Person at Local Massage Envy

Alternatively, visit your “home” Massage Envy location in person and speak to the front desk staff or manager. Let them know you wish to cancel future membership charges. They can assist with closing your account right away.

You can find your nearest Massage Envy address by searching here:

Note: You must cancel at least 30 days before your next billing date to stop additional charges.

Once canceled through either method, you’ll retain membership access until expiration but won’t be auto-renewed.

What is Massage Envy?

Massage Envy
Massage Envy

Massage Envy is a massage therapy franchise with monthly membership plans that offer recurring therapeutic massages and skincare services. They focus on customizable wellness experiences.

Pricing Plans Chart (Average)

Massage Envy offers several tiers of membership plans. Massage envy prices list (non-members & members) – chart:

Massage Envy Prices List Members Chart
Massage Envy Prices List Members Chart: Data Source
Massage Envy Prices List Non Members Chart
Massage Envy Prices List Non Members Chart: Data Source

Note: Price varies by Location and it may change.

How to Cancel Through Your Bank

If unable to cancel through Massage Envy directly, you can block future charges by contacting your bank or credit card company.

Call the number on the back of your card and state that you wish to cancel automatic payments to Massage Envy, effective immediately. Provide your account details like membership number. The bank can then place a stop on future Massage Envy billing.

While this blocks payments, make sure to also formally cancel your account through the company’s cancellation process above. This ensures they close it on their end as well.

Refund Policy

Exception refunds may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by their Guest Relations team –

Wrap Up

Canceling Massage Envy membership is easy via email or in-person. Request them to close your membership and stop future charges.

Contact your credit card provider (bank) to block payments if issues canceling via email or in-person. Follow the above instructions to cancel seamlessly.

Act before 30 days next billing cycle to avoid further charges for unwanted membership.

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