How to Cancel Kovo Credit in 3 Easy Methods

Are you planning to cancel your Kovo Credit account because you have changed your mind or it’s too expensive? No worries. This article will explain exactly how to cancel Kovo Credit. Before going through the cancellation methods, here’s what you need to know:

Things to Know Before Cancelling Kovo Credit

  1. Kovo Credit is an online lending platform that offers instalment loans and credit-building services.
  2. Check Kovo Credit’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to find out if you can cancel your subscription yourself.
  3. Kovo Credit’s contact information:
    • Phone number: (855) 965-5686
    • Mailing address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr, Suite 87907, Beaverton, OR 97008-7105
Koco Credit Pricing
Koco Credit Pricing

Now let’s look at the 3 methods to cancel your Kovo Credit account.

Method 1: Cancel via Email

The easiest way to cancel your Kovo Credit account is to email their customer support team at Simply send them an email requesting closure of your account.

Please be aware that cancellation can negatively impact your credit score if you have an outstanding loan balance or an existing subscription with Kovo Credit. So consider the credit score implications before closing your account.

Method 2: Cancel via Phone

You can also cancel your Kovo Credit account by calling their customer support line at (855) 965-5686. Inform the representative that you want to cancel your account and provide any additional information they request.

This is the quickest method of cancellation but be prepared to wait on hold during peak hours. Have your account information handy when you call.

Method 3: Cancel via Mail

To cancel your account via physical mail, write a cancellation letter and mail it to:

Kovo Credit

9450 SW Gemini Dr, Suite 87907

Beaverton, OR 97008-7105

Your letter should clearly state that you want to close your Kovo Credit account. Include your full name, account number, mailing address, email address, phone number and signature.

Mailing a cancellation letter is more time-consuming but provides a helpful paper trail. Make sure to get delivery confirmation.

Key Things to Consider Before Cancelling

Before cancelling your Kovo Credit account, consider:

  • Any outstanding loan balance – you still need to repay this even if you close your account.
  • Impact on your credit score – cancellation can negatively impact your credit if you have a Kovo Credit loan or subscription.
  • Timing – make sure to cancel before any free trial ends and at least 24 hours in advance.

Wrap Up

In summary, there are three main methods to cancel your Kovo Credit account – via email, phone or physical mail. Be aware of the potential credit score impact, account balance and cancellation timing before closing your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a return policy for merchandise?

Yes, Kovo Credit offers free returns and refunds on merchandise within 30 days of purchase. Email to start the return process.

How does Kovo Credit build your credit?

It builds your credit through on-time instalment loan payments and credit-building subscriptions. Payment history is the biggest factor in credit scores.

Does Kovo Credit charge any fees?

No, Kovo Credit does not charge late fees, processing fees or any other hidden fees. There are no setup, membership or annual fees.

What is the contact information for Kovo Credit?

Phone: (855) 965-5686 Email: Address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr, Suite 87907, Beaverton, OR 97008-7105

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