How to Cancel J. Crew Credit Card? Easy Method!

Would you like to cancel your J. Crew credit card because you changed your mind after signing up or due to changing financial circumstances? That is ok. This article will assist with canceling J. Crew’s credit card easily.

Step 1) Contact J. Crew Customer Care at 1-888-428-8810.

Step 2) Request cancellation of the credit card and account.

Step 3) Confirm account and personal details for verification.

Step 4) Receive confirmation that the account has been closed.

Step 5) Cut up and dispose of the physical credit card.

That is all that needs to be done to cancel a J. Crew credit card subscription and avoid future charges. For those needing more details on the cancellation process, the rest of this article elaborates.

What is a J. Crew Credit Card Offers?

J. Crew
J. Crew
  • Get an extra 15% off purchases when you open and use a J.Crew Credit Card
  • Earn 2 J.Crew Passport reward points per $1 spent with the credit card
  • 200 points can be redeemed for a $5 reward
  • Cardmembers skip to Navy tier status, which provides exclusive sales, double points on cashmere, free monogramming, and other perks
  • Special Cardmember perks include birthday surprises, free shipping at J.Crew Factory, exclusive events, free standard alterations, and a priority phone number
  • No annual fee
  • Online account management and bill pay available
  • Can add authorized users

Cancelling a J. Crew Credit Card

To cancel a J. Crew credit card, Customer Care must be contacted at 1-888-428-8810. The account and personal details will need verification before the cancellation can be processed. After confirming cancellation, the credit card should be cut up and disposed of properly.

The account will be closed and no additional charges will incur. Any rewards points will be forfeited.


Can I cancel my J. Crew card online?

Nope, unfortunately J. Crew doesn’t let you cancel cards online yet. You’ll have to call up their customer service to close out your account.

Will canceling hurt my credit score at all?

It might. If it’s one of your oldest cards or has a high credit limit, closing it could ding your credit score a bit depending on your history. Think it over before you cancel.

How do I contact J Crew credit card Customer Care?

J. Crew Credit Card Customer Care can be contacted at 1-888-428-8810. Live chat and email are also available.

Is there a fee for cancelling the card?

No, there is no cancellation fee if closing a J. Crew credit card account.


Cancelling a J. Crew credit card is simple once Customer Care is contacted at 1-888-428-8810. Be ready to verify account details and then confirmation of cancellation will be provided. Destroying the physical card completes the process.

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