How to Cancel Hair La Vie Subscription in Just 2 Minutes

Are you looking to cancel your Hair La Vie subscription? Maybe you only wanted to try it out for a month or two and don’t need it anymore. Or perhaps you decided it wasn’t right for you. Whatever the reason, canceling your Hair La Vie subscription is quick and easy.

This guide will walk you through the cancellation process step-by-step, so you can stop payments and end your subscription in just 2 minutes.

Cancellation Methods

Hair La Vie offers subscriptions through their website that recur monthly. There are a couple ways you can cancel subscription.

  • Via phone: f you subscribed directly through the Hair La Vie website, you can cancel by calling their customer support phone at 888-588-0068 and request them for cancellation. This is the quickest and easiest way.
  • Via email: You can also cancel your Hair La Vie subscription by emailing their customer support team at

What is Hair La Vie?

Hair La Vie sells hair growth supplements and products, with the goal of helping you achieve thicker, fuller hair.

Some of their key products include:

  • Hair La Vie Clinical Formula
  • Hair La Vie Shampoo
  • Hair La Vie Conditioner
  • Hair La Vie Serum

They offer monthly subscription plans to get regular deliveries of their products, which you can customize and swap each month.

Hair La Vie
Hair La Vie

Cancel Through PayPal

If you signed up by paying through PayPal, follow these steps to cancel:

On a computer or mobile browser:

  1. Login to your PayPal account at
  2. Click the wheel icon in the top right and select “Payments
  3. Choose “Manage Automatic Payments
  4. Locate the Hair La Vie subscription and click “Cancel
  5. Confirm cancellation by clicking “Cancel Automatic Payments”

In the PayPal app:

  1. Open settings and tap “Automatic Payments”
  2. Select the Hair La Vie subscription
  3. Tap “Remove PayPal as your payment method” at the bottom
  4. Confirm cancellation by tapping “Remove”

Again, this should only take about 2 minutes to complete. PayPal will send you a confirmation email when the cancellation is processed.

Hair La Vie Refund Policy

If you cancel your Hair La Vie subscription, here is how their refund policy works:

  • You have 90 days from purchase to return products for a refund.
  • You must call or write on the package that you want to cancel and get a refund.
  • All bottles, used or unused, must be returned to get a refund.
  • It takes 14-21 days to process refunds once the products are received back.
  • You pay return shipping costs.

So be aware that Hair La Vie does not offer refunds on subscriptions unless the products are returned. Make sure to call ahead if you want to cancel and get your money back.

Things to Consider Before Cancelling

Before going through with the cancellation, here are a couple things to think about:

  • Do you still need access to the Hair La Vie products and subscription features? If so, you may want to pause or modify your subscription instead of fully canceling.
  • Do you have enough of the product to continue your hair growth regimen until you find an alternative? Stopping suddenly could slow or reverse progress.
  • Are you within the 90 day return period and eligible for a refund? If not, cancellation ends your access immediately.
  • Are you willing to pay return shipping to get a refund? This will cut into the amount refunded.

Just some factors to weigh before canceling your Hair La Vie subscription outright.

Wrap Up

Canceling your Hair La Vie monthly subscription is quick and easy:

  • Call 1-888-588-0068 if you subscribed on their website
  • Cancel through PayPal if that’s how you paid
  • Know the refund policy requires returns to get money back
  • Consider if you still need access to the products before canceling

With this guide, you should be able to cancel your Hair La Vie subscription in just a couple minutes without any hassle. Reach out to their customer service if you have any other questions or need help cancelling.

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