How to Cancel Function of Beauty Subscription? [Top Hacks]

Function of Beauty founded in 2015 by MIT engineers, Function of Beauty allows customers to create customized hair and skincare products based on a quiz about their needs and preferences.

This article outlines the process for customers to cancel their product subscriptions with the personalized skincare company Function of Beauty.

Overview of Function of Beauty

Function Of Beauty
Function Of Beauty

Function of Beauty enables clients to customize haircare and skincare since its founding in 2015. Users complete a questionnaire on tresses and skin. The company has produced over 15 million created unique beauty products and still counting on.

Online Cancellation

Cancel Function Of Beauty Subscription
Cancel Function Of Beauty Subscription

To cancel a Function of Beauty subscription online, customers can:

  • Log into their online account and navigate to the “Your Subscriptions” page
  • Click the button to cancel their subscription
  • Confirm the cancellation in the pop-up prompt

An email confirmation of the cancellation will then be sent automatically.

Additional Cancelation Method

Additional Cancellation Method
Additional Cancellation Method

Cancellation via ShopPay

For customers that checked out using ShopPay installment payments, subscription cancellations must be handled directly through ShopPay’s website.

  • Navigate to and login to your account dashboard
  • Under “Your Plan” select your Function of Beauty payment plan
  • Choose “Cancel Plan” and confirm the cancellation

This will end future installment billings through ShopPay at the next renewal date.

Cancellation via PayPal

If you subscribed using PayPal, log into your PayPal account and manage or cancel your payments there.

  • Under “Settings” click on “Payments”
  • Locate your Function of Beauty subscription and click “Cancel”
  • Payments will stop after the current billing cycle completes

Cancellation via Google Pay

If you used Google Pay to subscribe, cancel the payments in the Google Pay app or via your Google Account.

  • Open the Google Pay app and go to “Payment methods”
  • Find your stored Function of Beauty information and tap “Manage subscriptions”
  • Select the option to cancel payments to Function of Beauty

Email/Live Chat Cancellation

Alternatively, subscriptions can be cancelled by contacting Function of Beauty’s Customer Experience team via email at or through the live chat function on their website. For security purposes, only the account holder has access to membership details required for cancellation.

Refund Policy

Per Function of Beauty’s terms and conditions, subscription orders are nonrefundable. Any products received as part of an ongoing subscription prior to cancellation would remain in the customer’s possession.

Considerations Before Cancelling

Customers weighing whether to continue their subscription or allow it to be cancelled automatically at the next renewal date should consider a few key factors:

  • Will cancelling result in not having enough product to meet needs before finding an alternative? Stocking up prior to cancellation may be prudent.
  • Have formulation needs changed since the last customization, requiring an update before the next shipment? Re-customizing through the quiz can optimize the products received.


Function of Beauty aims to provide fully customized and effective skincare and hair care products through an ongoing subscription model. While subscriptions cannot be cancelled retroactively, account holders do maintain autonomy to halt future shipments at any time via their online account portal or by contacting customer service or even from the payment provider which you have used when you purchase product. Reviewing product usage, inventory, and formulation preferences ahead of time can inform the cancellation decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Function of Beauty subscription?

No, subscription orders are nonrefundable per the company’s terms and conditions. Any products received prior to cancellation would remain with the customer.

What is Function of Beauty Customer Service Number?

According to the Function of Beauty website, they do not list a direct customer service phone number. However, their office HQ number is: (203) 274-5335

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