How to Cancel FlexPro Meals Subcription? Simple Steps

Founded in 2014, FlexPro Meals delivers healthy meal plans to your door. If you need to cancel your subscription, this guide has you covered with simple steps for a fast and easy cancellation.

What is FlexPro Meals?

FlexPro Meals provides customized meal delivery focused on fresh preparation and quick delivery. Customers can select prepared meals tailored to specialty dietary preferences such as keto, paleo, vegetarian, and more. Multiple weekly meal plan options feature new menus and dishes rotated regularly. All meals are made to order using high-quality ingredients and carefully planned recipes before swift shipment to your address. With FlexPro Meals, healthy eating is simple and convenient.

FlexPro Meal Pricing Plans and Potential Savings

PlanPrice Per MealSavings
7 Meal Box$10.990%
15 Meal Box$9.5313%
21 Meal Box$8.5023%
FlexPro Meal Pricing Plans

Cancelling FlexPro Meals

If you wish to cancel your FlexPro Meals subscription, there are a couple methods to do so:

  • By phone or text: Call or text 816-888-3539 during business hours (9am-5pm CST M-F) to cancel
  • By email: Email requesting cancellation

FlexPro Meals aims to respond to all cancellation inquiries during business hours within the same day.

When cancelling, be sure to let FlexPro Meals know if you have any specific concerns encountered so they can improve their service. Please note that any order already charged prior to cancellation will still be delivered and may not be eligible for a refund.

Alternative Cancellation Method

Cancelliing Via PayPal

To stop future payments to FlexPro Meals:

  • Log in to PayPal account
  • Click “Account Settings”
  • Select “Payments”
  • Click “Manage Automatic Payments”
  • Find Flex Pro billing agreement
  • Click “Cancel” or “Cancel Automatic Billing”
  • Confirm cancellation

Cancelling Via Amazon

To cancel your Flex Pro meal subscription through Amazon, you can find the full guide here.

How to Cancel Flex Pro Order?

To cancel an upcoming order, login and ‘skip’ it in your account portal by Monday before billing. Hit ‘change date’ to save changes.

Note: You have to cancel subscriptions by Monday prior to the billing date. You cannot cancel an order that has already been charged.

Refund Policy

If you’re unhappy with part or all of your order, let them know within 5 days of delivery. Reach out by phone, text, or instant chat on Flex Pro website.

Flex Pro Meals make it right by:

  • Issuing meal kit credits
  • Providing partial or full refunds
  • Replacing ingredients

Note: Flex don’t accept returns, but their team is ready to help make sure you’re satisfied!

Things to Consider Before Cancelling

Before cancelling your FlexPro Meals subscription, consider the following:

  • FlexPro Meals sources premium, nutritious ingredients for their meals
  • Meals are conveniently delivered to your door weekly
  • Substantial savings compared to restaurant meal prices
  • Pausing plans available if wanting to skip weeks rather than fully cancel

While the convenience comes at a price, FlexPro Meals provides healthy, diet-specific, chef-prepared meals catered to your needs.


FlexPro Meals makes cancelling your subscription straightforward. Simply call, text or email their supportive customer service team. Be aware of the refund policy and consider pausing instead of fully cancelling. With nutritious and convenient meal delivery, FlexPro Meals is a leading meal plan service worth staying subscribed with.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my FlexPro Meals subscription?

To cancel, call or text 816-888-3539 during business hours or email Be sure to specify you want to fully cancel your subscription.

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