How to Cancel Fitness Connection Membership in 3 Methods

Are you looking to cancel your Fitness Connection membership? Whether you’re moving, want to switch gyms, or simply need to cut expenses, this guide will walk you through the cancellation process in just 3 easy methods.

Cancellation Methods

Fitness Connection offers two convenient options to cancel your membership:

By Phone:

Call 800-922-7898, Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM CST. Expect lower wait times mid-week from Wednesday to Friday between 9-11 AM.

When connected to a representative, request cancellation of your membership. Your request will be formally documented, and your membership will terminate 30 days after your cancellation date.


Visit your home Fitness Connection club in person and speak to the front desk staff. Request cancellation of your membership with a team member on location. As with a phone cancellation, your membership termination will take effect 30 days after the request.

Check out all Fitness Connection locations if you need help finding your home club.

By Mail

Send a written cancellation request by mail to:

Fitness Connection 2517 Midway Road Carrollton, TX 75006

As with other methods, allow 30 days for processing and termination of your membership access.

Important Cancellation Notes

Regardless of the cancellation method, please keep the following policies in mind:

  • Submit your cancellation request at least 30 days before your next billing date to avoid being charged again
  • You’ll retain full access to the gym until the end of your current billing cycle
  • Any outstanding fees on your account will still need to be resolved

Note: If you prepaid for any services (personal training, swim lessons, etc.) that go beyond your final membership date, you can request a prorated refund.

About Fitness Connection

Fitness Connection
Fitness Connection

Fitness Connection is celebrating 25 years of providing an inclusive, affordable gym experience. For their anniversary event called VictoryFest, they’re offering free classes, discounts, and more from August 16-27. Members cite the spacious facilities, group fitness options, and welcoming community as what makes Fitness Connection stand out.

Membership costs vary based on location and plan type, but average around $10-20 per month.

Fitness Connection Pricing and Plans

Fitness Connection offers flexible no-commitment month-to-month plans as well as discounted 12-month contracts. Average monthly rates are:

Fitness Connection Monthly MembershipSingle club accessAll Club Access
Initiation Fee$99.99$99.99
Monthly Fee$9.49$19.49
Due Today$109.48$119.48
Fitness Connection Monthly Membership
Fitness Connection Yearly MembershipSingle Club AccessAll Club Access
Initiation Fee$0.00$0.00
Annual Fee$249.99$299.99
Due Today$249.99$299.99
Fitness Connection Yearly Membership
Month to Month Membership (no commitment)Single Club Access
Initiation Fee$69
Annual Fee$49
Monthly Fee$15
Month to Month Membership (no-commitment)

Note: Price may vary depending on your location.

How to Cancel Through Your Bank

If for any reason you struggle to cancel directly through Fitness Connection, you can halt payments by contacting your bank.

To stop bank withdrawals from Fitness Connection:

  • Call your bank’s customer service line
  • Request cancellation of payment authorizations granted to the gym
  • Confirm the date future charges will stop

Your bank may also permit cancellation through online banking. Check your bank’s website for more details.

While cancelling through your bank is effective, note that it does not formally end your Fitness Connection membership. You’ll still need to contact the gym directly to close your membership account and avoid any administrative fees.

Refund Policy

Fitness Connection does not offer membership refunds except in special cases where services cannot be rendered, such as permanent gym closures.

If you prepaid for personal training or classes that go beyond your final membership end date, you may request a prorated refund for unused services by contacting Member Services.

How do I freeze my membership?

Contact Member Services at 800-922-7898 (Monday-Friday, 8 AM-6 PM CST) to request a temporary membership freeze. You may be eligible to freeze your membership for a short period of time only.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Visit the Front Desk at your Fitness Connection location for help upgrading or downgrading your membership plan.

What to Consider Before Cancellation

  • Review your membership agreement so there are no surprises regarding commitment terms or billing policies
  • Consider month-to-month or gym-freezing options if you may reactivate your membership later
  • Check if your new gym offers a signup bonus you can utilize if you join them shortly after cancelling your Fitness Connection membership

Wrap Up

Cancelling your Fitness Connection membership is quick and straightforward following the three methods highlighted in this guide.

Reaching out by phone or in person at your home club will formally terminate your account in their system and stop future charges in 30 days.

Follow the methods outlined above according to your needs. And if any questions come up during cancellation, don’t hesitate to ask Fitness customer care– the process should be seamless if you follow the recommendations above.

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