How to Cancel F45 Membership – Real Experience

Signing up for an F45 membership provides access to high-intensity group workouts. However, life circumstances may change, leading you to reconsider the membership. Thankfully, cancelling an F45 membership is straightforward if you follow the proper steps. This article outlines the cancellation process based on F45 policies and real experiences from members.

What is F45 Training?


For background, F45 Training is a fitness franchise offering 45 minute high-intensity circuit training classes. Members pay monthly fees to attend classes at their local F45 studio. F45 memberships at two locations:

LocationMembership TermTotal CostCost Per Month
Buckhead, AtlantaMonth-to-Month$199$199
Buckhead, Atlanta3 Months$537$179
Buckhead, Atlanta6 Months$1,014$169
Minneapolis6 Months$929$154
Minneapolis12 Months$1,739$145
F45 memberships at two locations: Source – VeryWellFit

The unlimited memberships provide exceptional value for frequent gym-goers. However, factors like budget, injuries, travel or boredom may prompt members to cancel.

Cancellation Overview

To cancel an F45 membership, you must contact your studio directly. Cancellation cannot be completed online or via email. Here is an overview of the process:

  • Contact your studio – Call, visit or Email your studio and explicitly state you want to cancel.
  • Provide notice – Give written notice 30 days before your next billing date. This is crucial to avoid being charged again.
  • Get confirmation – The studio will confirm cancellation in writing once processed. Keep this for your records.
  • Allow access – You still have membership access during the 30 day notice period.
  • Stop autopay – If you pay via autopay, request a stop payment after giving notice.
  • Request refund – Based on timing, you may get a prorated refund on unused services.

Overall, the cancellation process is intended to be quick and seamless. However, some members report pushback from studios, making it difficult to actually cancel. The key is being firm and persistent.

Member Experiences

Here are some real-life examples of the cancellation process from F45 members:

  • Susan emailed her studio manager stating she moved and wanted to cancel effective immediately. The manager promptly sent cancellation forms without any resistance.
  • Jim visited his studio twice trying to cancel but was convinced to just suspend both times. Frustrated, he sent a cancellation email referring to the failed in-person attempts. The studio confirmed his membership termination.
  • Lisa called her studio requesting cancellation. The front desk staff tried retaining her by offering a better membership deal. She clearly reiterated wanting to cancel only, after which the request was processed.
  • Chris deleted his credit card information from the F45 app hoping payments would stop. His studio reached out confused why dues weren’t processing. He explained wanting to cancel, so they sent confirmation upon receiving notice.

The key takeaways are to be firm, provide proper written notice, document all interactions, and follow-up if the process stalls. Do not let sales tactics divert your cancellation request.

Refund Policy

You can cancel your F45 membership within 14 days of signing up and receive a full refund, excluding any one-time setup fees or the value of promotional items you received like a heart rate monitor. You must be at least 16 years old to join and train at F45.

Before You Cancel

Before submitting cancellation notice, consider:

  • It must be done directly with your studio, not online or via email.
  • Provide notice 30 days before your next billing, not after.
  • Check your remaining contract term for refund eligibility details.
  • Pausing for 1-3 months could be an alternative to fully cancelling.

Cancellation Tips

To recap, here are tips for smoothly cancelling your F45 membership:

  • Be persistent. Clearly state your cancellation request until confirmed in writing.
  • Have a reason. Know your reason for cancelling to reinforce it is not simply negotiable.
  • Follow up. If you have not received written cancellation confirmation within 7 days, follow up.
  • Keep documentation. Maintain your own records of the cancellation notice and process.
  • Move on. Once providing notice, do not allow further sales pitches to dissuade you.


  • Cancelling requires written notice, usually via email or physical letter/form. Verbal requests to cancel often get ignored or deflected.
  • Some members have found the cancellation process awkward due to pushy sales tactics to keep them signed up. Studios make it intentionally difficult to quit.
  • Notice periods range from 14-30 days. Some pay a cancellation fee if quitting before end of minimum term contract.
  • Emailing the studio manager directly with intent to cancel has worked for many. Provides written record. Some report the studio still wanted physical letter/form.
  • If studio won’t cooperate with cancellation requests, some have cancelled credit cards or bank payments to force cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my F45 membership?

You must contact your studio directly – cancellation cannot be done online. Give written notice 30 days before your next billing date.

What if my studio permanently closed?

If your F45 studio closes, your membership will automatically be cancelled by corporate.

When should I contact my studio to cancel?

Give notice 30 days before your next billing date to avoid additional charges. Anytime in that 30 day window works.

What if I never get cancellation confirmation?

Follow up with your studio if you have not received written confirmation within 7 days of requesting cancellation. Maintain your own documentation as well.

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