How to Cancel Esporta Fitness Membership (All Phone Numbers Included)

So you’re thinking about canceling Esporta fitness membership? Don’t worry, it’s a straightforward process. I will provide you with all the phone numbers with Locations so that you can request them to cancel your membership.

The Basics

Esporta Fitness is a budget-friendly gym chain owned by LA Fitness. It offers access to gym equipment, classes, amenities like pools and saunas, and more. Membership plans include:

esporta website
  • Single Club Access – $9.99/month with $99 initiation fee
  • Single-State Multi-Club Access – $25.99/month
  • Multi-State Multi-Club Access – $29.99/month

If you no longer wish to continue with your membership, you can cancel it through various methods.

Cancellation Process

To cancel your Esporta membership:

  • Via Android Device: Open the Play Store app, go to your account, select Subscriptions, choose your Esporta subscription and tap “Cancel Subscription”. Confirm your cancellation.
  • Via iPhone/iPad: Go to Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions, select your Esporta subscription, tap “Cancel Subscription” and confirm cancellation.
  • Via Email: Email, provide your membership details and request cancellation.
  • Via Website: If Esporta website server is loading, Log into your account on the Esporta website, go to Billing or Subscriptions, and click “Cancel Subscription“.
  • By mail: If you need to cancel your membership send mail to Attn: Chief Privacy Officer
    P.O. Box 54170
    Irvine, CA 92619-4170
  • In-Person: Visit your Esporta gym center and speak to a membership advisor to cancel in person.
  • To Remove Credit Card: Log into your online account and remove your payment information so no further charges occur.
  • To Delete Account: Request full account deletion after canceling your membership so no data is retained.
  • Via Phone: Call Esporta’s Member Services at your branch using the phone number below. Request cancellation over the phone:

Esporta Fitness locations and Phone Number

Fitness CenterLocationPhone Number
Esporta Fitness87 Ackerman Ave(862) 225-2023
Esporta Fitness711 Evesham Ave E Ste 1A(856) 282-0380
Esporta Fitness1150 W Columbus Ave Ste 1(413) 301-1015
Esporta Fitness1012 Union Rd(716) 324-2476
Esporta Fitness1600 East Ridge Road(585) 797-0414
Esporta Fitness731 Delsea Dr(856) 556-1071
Esporta Fitness833 Lakeland Park Center Dr(863) 213-1301
Esporta Fitness1361 W Channel Islands Blvd(805) 200-4855
Esporta Fitness7630 Polo Grounds Blvd(901) 291-1101
Esporta Fitness1600 SE Rd(860) 321-2062
Esporta Fitness5901 NJ-42(856) 401-9688
Esporta Fitness4572 Poplar Ave(901) 203-5361
Esporta Fitness411 Barnum Avenue Cutoff(203) 212-5491
Esporta Fitness11359 Montgomery Rd(513) 297-1139
Esporta Fitness12545 Imperial Hwy(562) 202-5723
Esporta Fitness5000 Tiedeman Rd(216) 912-1537
Esporta Fitness2200 W Northern Ave(602) 995-1234
Esporta Fitness445 N Stapley Dr(480) 751-1992
Esporta Fitness6610 Niagara Falls Blvd(716) 205-3333
Esporta Fitness5320 E Bay Dr(727) 451-9650
Esporta Fitness555 E Hospitality Ln(909) 219-8501
Esporta Fitness100 Marketplace Dr(585) 797-0411
Esporta Fitness4494 Walnut St(937) 427-0700
Esporta Fitness6050 Stage Rd(901) 203-0391
Esporta Fitness1731 S Greenfield Rd(480) 635-9600
Esporta Fitness13035 W Rancho Santa Fe Blvd(623) 535-8700
Esporta Fitness1028 Wellington Way(859) 219-9558
Esporta Fitness540 E Rollins Rd(847) 752-6841
Esporta Fitness7730 Dudley Dr(513) 298-0134
Esporta Fitness3625 S Gilbert Rd(480) 845-6594
Esporta Fitness1006 Mantua Pike(856) 381-4941
Esporta Fitness131 Market St(440) 892-4653
Esporta Fitness550 Clock Tower Way(859) 663-2920
Esporta Fitness3312 Princeton Rd(513) 334-0082
Esporta Fitness45 W Alex Bell Rd(937) 684-8160
Esporta Fitness300 W Lake Mary Blvd(321) 275-1144
Esporta Fitness2100 NJ-38(856) 482-8565
Esporta Fitness12700 S Orange Blossom Trl(407) 851-0102
Esporta Fitness1930 E State Rd 60(813) 982-4149
Esporta Fitness2500 N Fairfield Rd F(937) 912-0063
Esporta Fitness140 NJ-10(973) 500-3077
Esporta Fitness5915 S Goldenrod Rd(407) 362-6081
Esporta Fitness3851 Lake Emma Rd(407) 804-2528
Esporta Fitness11700 Chenal Pkwy(501) 707-1121
Esporta Fitness29920 Temecula Pkwy(951) 365-2097
Esporta Fitness9385 Monte Vista Ave(909) 625-2411
Esporta Fitness28015 Greenspot Rd(909) 742-5131
Esporta Fitness1867 W Ridge Rd(585) 441-3899
Esporta Fitness25145 Cedar Rd(216) 291-8555
Esporta Fitness1540 FL-436(407) 388-2258
Esporta Fitness189 S Goldenrod Rd(407) 517-5237
Esporta Fitness8864 US-64(901) 291-1113
Esporta Fitness4700 Marburg Ave(513) 297-1121
Esporta Fitness1745 Illinois Rte 59(815) 676-5519
Esporta Fitness4550 E Michigan St(407) 381-3133
Esporta Fitness7640 W Thomas Rd(623) 845-9920
Esporta Fitness2301 Del Prado Blvd S(239) 242-6383
Esporta Fitness6474 Siegen Ln(225) 663-4191
Esporta Fitness11630 N Tatum Blvd(602) 404-4700
Esporta Fitness773 N Germantown Pkwy(901) 203-3362
Esporta Fitness1500 Bald Hill Rd(401) 773-2933
Esporta Fitness2501 Wabash Ave(217) 801-9007
Esporta Fitness929 Holt Rd(585) 236-4359
Esporta Fitness5536 W Bell Rd(602) 547-9425
Esporta Fitness11520 S Marshfield Ave(773) 905-0060
Esporta Fitness5810 Downey Ave(562) 272-7255
Esporta Fitness3001 Blake James Dr(859) 269-2492
Esporta Fitness5735 Gunn Hwy(813) 960-3783
Esporta Fitness5959 Old Hamilton Rd(614) 476-4653
Esporta Fitness400 N 8th St(847) 915-3256
Esporta Fitness3737 Union Rd Ste 7(716) 391-9110
Esporta Fitness3040 Sheridan Dr(716) 541-0648
Esporta Fitness1229 Missouri Ave N(727) 559-2001
Esporta Fitness5089 Transit Rd(716) 810-1004
Esporta Fitness1379 Farmington Ave(860) 516-4200
Esporta Fitness5810 W Peoria Ave(602) 362-0109
Esporta Fitness1980 E Osceola Pkwy(407) 874-1134
Esporta Fitness4620 Taylorsville Rd(502) 671-8233
Esporta Fitness1750 Ball Park Rd(407) 452-3064
Esporta Fitness1382 S Cotton Ln(480) 422-6088
Esporta Fitness2859 N Holland Sylvania Rd(419) 535-6669
Esporta Fitness7635 113th St N(727) 440-8065
Esporta Fitness2100 Polaris Pkwy(614) 430-9210
Esporta Fitness1681 Main St(727) 601-0822
Esporta Fitness39716 Winchester Rd(951) 676-1601
Esporta Fitness2890 Providence Lakes Blvd(813) 685-9160
Esporta Fitness4404 University Pkwy(909) 352-4147
Esporta Fitness10848 Foothill Blvd(909) 948-7583
Esporta Fitness1621 W Imperial Hwy(562) 697-8899
Esporta Fitness1969 Portage Trail(330) 622-4111
Esporta Fitness260 Graceland Blvd(614) 310-0770
Esporta Fitness2633 N University Dr(954) 755-3300
Esporta Fitness1700 W New Haven Ave Ste 201-D(321) 373-0038
Esporta Fitness1285 Ridgeway Rd(901) 291-1114
Esporta Fitness2325 E Baseline Rd(623) 255-3391
Esporta Fitness200 New World Way(908) 755-3104
Esporta Fitness40985 California Oaks Rd(951) 600-9998
Esporta Fitness119 Fairfield Ave Ste 200(859) 957-2700
Esporta Fitness9880 W Lower Buckeye Rd(602) 734-1363
Esporta Fitness2100 N Dobson Rd(480) 782-7560
Esporta Fitness6585 E Broad St(614) 892-7092
Esporta Fitness701 E Cathedral Rd(215) 482-4088
Esporta Fitness3301 E Bell Rd(602) 567-0240
Esporta Fitness8951 Bonita Beach Rd SE Ste 560(239) 494-6297
Esporta Fitness1088 W Poplar Ave(901) 610-4176
Esporta Fitness5225 Cypress Preserve Dr(813) 337-0966
Esporta Fitness2620 W Pershing Rd(872) 444-3746
Esporta Fitness4900 Edgmont Ave(484) 768-8216
Esporta Fitness8812 S Cicero Ave(708) 931-0022
Esporta Fitness11252 W Hillsborough Ave(813) 814-1414
Esporta Fitness5559 S Kedzie Ave(312) 288-3048
Esporta Fitness341 NJ-18(732) 353-3081
Esporta Fitness1844 W Rio Salado Pkwy(480) 296-2381
Esporta Fitness304 S University Ave(501) 707-3561
Esporta Fitness900 Eden Cir(302) 440-1378
Esporta Fitness1074 Montgomery Rd(407) 304-8020
Esporta Fitness201 Ogden Falls Blvd(630) 608-4284
Esporta Fitness10115 Talbert Ave(714) 962-1374
Esporta Fitness850 Goodale Blvd(614) 643-0070
Esporta Fitness1800 Tanglewood Park Blvd(614) 850-8888
Esporta Fitness locations and Phone Number

Things to Consider Before Cancelling

Before canceling your Esporta membership, consider:

  • Cancellation may take 30 days to go into effect per your membership agreement.
  • You may owe fees for the current billing cycle depending on cancellation policy.
  • Look at your alternative gym options if fitness access is still important.
  • See if you can downgrade to a single club membership vs. canceling entirely.
  • Request a membership freeze if you want to pause the membership temporarily.


Canceling an Esporta fitness membership is quick and easy through the mobile app, website, email, phone or in person. Just be sure to review your membership agreement for any cancellation polices that apply. With a few clicks or a quick call, you can cancel unwanted gym memberships

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