How to Cancel CycleBar Membership: What You Need to Know

Do you want to cancel your CycleBar membership? because you changed your mind. That’s totally fine, we understand. This article will help you cancel smoothly and easily. Just follow any cancellation methods below and you’ll be able to cancel in a few minutes.

The Basics

CycleBar is a popular indoor cycling studio with locations across the United States. When you sign up for a CycleBar membership, you typically have a few options:

  • Monthly membership – Bills monthly and can be canceled at any time
  • 6 month membership – Lower per month cost but 6 month commitment
  • 12 month membership – Lowest per month cost but 12 month commitment

Cancelling a monthly membership is easy, while cancelling the 6 or 12 month commitments requires paying an early termination fee.

CycleBar Phone Numbers With Location

LocationRatingReviewsAddressHoursPhone Number
CYCLEBAR Irvine5.0994237 Campus Dr Suite B160, Irvine, CAClosed, Opens 6 AM(949) 688-0950
CYCLEBAR Manhattan Beach5.02473160 N Sepulveda Blvd Suite R-135, Manhattan Beach, CAClosed, Opens 6 AM(310) 598-5758
CYCLEBAR Sunnyvale4.337331 W Washington Ave, Sunnyvale, CAClosed, Opens 7 AM(408) 542-9772
CYCLEBAR Phoenix4.52810633 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZClosed, Opens 6 AM(602) 900-4666
CYCLEBAR Hillcrest4.91961040 University Ave Suite B213, San Diego, CAClosed, Opens 6:30 AM(619) 832-2955
CYCLEBAR Culver City4.95694130 Sepulveda Blvd C, Culver City, CAClosed, Opens 7 AM(323) 325-5759
CYCLEBAR Sacramento4.91501708 15th St, Sacramento, CAClosed, Opens 5 AM(916) 837-8479
CYCLEBAR Santa Monica4.92421221 2nd St Suite 100, Santa Monica, CAClosed, Opens 7 AM(310) 878-1161
CYCLEBAR Seattle4.81601288 Harrison St, Seattle, WAClosed, Opens 5:30 AM(206) 402-6528
CYCLEBAR Chandler4.51082855 W Ray Rd Suite 9, Chandler, AZClosed, Opens 5:30 AM(480) 489-2204
CYCLEBAR Redmond4.61577425 166th Ave NE Suite C250, Redmond, WAClosed, Opens 5 AM(425) 677-0017
CYCLEBAR Irvine Spectrum4.553825 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CAClosed, Opens 5:30 AM(949) 988-0584
CYCLEBAR Berkeley4.2591929 University Ave, Berkeley, CAClosed, Opens 5 AM(510) 529-4881
CYCLEBAR Scottsdale3.8597001 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 172, Scottsdale, AZClosed, Opens 5:30 AM(480) 433-0952
CYCLEBAR Carmel Valley5.015312720 Carmel Country Rd Suite 110, San Diego, CAClosed, Opens 6:45 AM(858) 925-7777
CYCLEBAR Spokane4.81852525 E 29th Ave Suite 02, Spokane, WAClosed, Opens 6 AM(509) 991-8762
CYCLEBAR Fresno4.81228464 N Friant Rd #108, Fresno, CAClosed, Opens 5:30 AM(559) 433-6619
Cycle bar location

Cancellation Process

To cancel your CycleBar membership, follow these steps:

  • Via Mobile App – Open the CycleBar app and tap on the profile icon. Select ‘Membership’ and then ‘Cancel Membership’. Follow prompts to cancel.
  • Online – Log into your account dashboard at Click on ‘Membership’ and then ‘Cancel Membership’. Follow prompts to cancel.
  • In Person – Visit your home CycleBar studio and speak to the front desk staff. Let them know you wish to cancel – they will handle the process.
  • By Phone – Call your home CycleBar studio and inform them you want to cancel your membership. Have your account information ready.
  • By Email – Email your home studio requesting cancellation. Include your full name, email, and request to cancel in writing.

Once you cancel via any method, you’ll receive a confirmation email that your membership cancellation is being processed. Your access will continue until the paid period expires.

Things to Consider Before Cancelling

Before canceling your CycleBar membership, some things to consider:

  • Do you still have remaining classes on your class pack? Use these up before the membership ends.
  • Have you hit any membership benchmarks for free amenities like headbands or water bottles? Make sure to utilize those.
  • Does your studio offer membership freezes or downgrades? You may be able to freeze instead of fully cancel.
  • Are you within the first 10 days? You can get a full refund if canceling within the trial period.
  • Will you lose progress toward any challenges or rewards programs? Check status before cancelling.
  • Do you have a prepaid membership with months remaining? You’ll lose the remaining months if you cancel now.
  • Have you tried taking your concerns to the studio manager before canceling? They may be able to provide solutions.
  • Are there alternatives like postponing or refunds? Explore those options if you wish to avoid canceling entirely.


Canceling a CycleBar membership is easy once you know the process. Monthly memberships can be cancelled anytime with no penalty. Longer commitments require early termination fees if cancelled before completing the full term. Consider all options before canceling to decide what works best for your situation. With a few clicks or an in-person visit, you can easily cancel your CycleBar membership.

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