How to Cancel in 2 Easy Ways

Are you looking to cancel your account because you’ve achieved your credit goals or find the service too expensive? Don’t worry, this article will walk through exactly how to cancel

Things to Know Before Cancelling is a paid subscription service that challenges questionable negative items on your credit reports to help improve your credit score. Here are some key things to note:

  • has various service levels, ranging from free to $119.95 per month. Review your current plan.
  • Visit the website and read the Terms of Service for cancellation policies.
  • You can cancel anytime without penalty, but services are not prorated if cancelled mid-cycle.

Credit Repair Comparison

Credit Repair Comparision
Credit Repair Comparision

How to Cancel

There are two ways to cancel – by phone or by contacting your bank:

Method 1: Call Customer Service

The easiest way to cancel is to call customer service at 1-800-232-6499 and request closure. Inform the agent you wish to cancel service and provide account details to process the cancellation.

Method 2: Revoke Bank Authorization

Alternatively, you can contact your credit card company or bank to revoke authorization for future charges. This will cancel payments but you still need to call support to close the actual account.

Things to Consider Before Cancelling

Before cancelling

  • Negative items may reappear without ongoing challenges. Have a credit monitoring plan in place.
  • Your credit could regress without the service actively working to improve it.
  • You lose access to online dashboard and alerts to monitor credit.

Essentially cancelling stops new disputes but resolved issues may resurface in the future. Weigh risks before cancelling without a backup plan.

Wrap Up

To cancel, call 1-800-232-6499 or revoke monthly billing authorization with your bank. Be aware of potential credit impacts following cancellation before deciding.

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