How to Cancel Coterie Subscription

Have you decided it’s time to cancel your Coterie diaper subscription? Whether your baby has outgrown diapers, you want to switch brands, or you simply no longer need the convenience of subscription deliveries, canceling is quick and easy.

This guide will walk you through the cancellation process in just a few minutes.

How to Cancel Coterie Subscription?

Cancelling your Coterie subscription can be done in two ways:

Via Email

The quickest way to cancel is to email Coterie Customer Support at

Here’s a sample cancellation email:

Subject: Cancel Subscription

Hi Coterie,

I would like to cancel my Coterie diaper subscription, Order #12345. Please cancel all future scheduled shipments and recurring subscription charges to my account.

Thank you, [Your Name]

You’ll receive an email confirmation once your subscription is cancelled. Monitor your inbox for this confirmation.

Via Phone

Alternatively, you can cancel by phone at 951-467-4913. Let the representative know you want to cancel your subscription and provide your order details.

To cancel and stop recurring payments, be sure to clearly state:

  • Your full name
  • Your Coterie order number
  • That you want to cancel your subscription effective immediately

The agent will confirm once cancellation is complete. Follow up with an email as well if you prefer written confirmation.

What is the Coterie Subscription?

Coterie offers an optional subscription program called Auto-Renew. This automatically ships you your preferred diaper bundle on a recurring schedule.

You select the diaper size, quantity, and frequency during checkout. Subscriptions renew until you cancel.

Coterie Subscription Pricing Plans

Coterie offers a few subscription options:

PlanDetailsRegular Price
Diaper Plan6 packs per box$90
Diaper + Wipe Bundle (Most Popular)6 packs per box, 4 packs of wipes (224 wipes)$115
Deluxe Plan6 packs per box, 8 packs of wipes (448 wipes)$140
Coterie Subscription Pricing Plans

Bundle contents vary by size. You can modify your subscription details at any time while actively subscribed.

How to Stop Auto-Renewal on the Coterie Website

If you prefer to cancel on the Coterie website:

  1. Log into your Coterie account
  2. Go to your Account Dashboard
  3. Find “Manage Subscription”
  4. Toggle off on “auto-renew”

That’s it. It will stop auto-renew and future charges.

Coterie Refund Policy

Coterie offers limited refunds based on their return policy. When you cancel your subscription, you will not receive a refund for your last shipment or orders already processed and shipped.

However, you will not be charged for any future subscription orders once cancelled.

What to Know Before Cancelling Coterie

Before cancelling your Coterie subscription, consider:

  • Do you still need diapers in this size for a while longer?
  • Are you cancelling because you need to change size or frequency instead? You can modify details without cancelling.
  • Review the refund policy above so there are no surprises.
  • Once cancelled, your subscription and benefits end immediately.

Wrap Up

The article outlines the straightforward process for cancelling a Coterie diaper subscription through email, phone, or directly on the website. It explains that Coterie offers an optional Auto-Renew program that ships recurring orders until canceled. To cancel, customers can simply email, call 951-467-4913, or log into their account online and toggle auto-renew off. Coterie has a limited refund policy, so orders already shipped when canceling won’t be refunded but no future charges will apply.

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