How to Cancel CLUB4 Membership

Want to Cancel your CLUB4 Membership because you don’t need it anymore or for other reasons? This guide will help you cancel your Club4 membership through the website, or by visiting Club4.

What is CLUB4?

CLUB4 Fitness offers members a wide selection of classes and equipment to help achieve health and fitness goals.

CLUB4 has membership options including Premium Plus, Premium, and Basic packages. Premium Plus offers unlimited access while Basic provides access to a few facilities.


Preparing for Cancellation

Before canceling your CLUB4 membership, take these preparatory steps:

  • Review your contract: Understand the terms for cancellation, including any early termination fees. Also note billing cycles, as these impact deadlines.
  • Mark your calendar: Note any upcoming payment and renewal dates so you can time your cancellation appropriately.
  • Gather account details: Have your membership number, contract, and any login credentials available to reference during cancellation.

How to Cancel a CLUB4 Membership

You can cancel a CLUB4 membership through several methods:

Cancel in Person

To cancel in person, visit your CLUB4 location and speak to a manager at the front desk. They will guide you through the cancellation process. You may need to fill out and sign a cancellation form.

Cancel by Phone / Email / Mail

Calling emailing or sending mail most of the time doesn’t work. They require you to visit the nearest Club4 location and submit the cancellation form.

Cancel Online

  1. Login to your account at Club4
  2. Click on “Account” and select “Membership
  3. Click on “Cancel Membership” and follow prompts
  4. You’ll get a confirmation the cancellation went through

If the cancel button doesn’t show, your location must not be California. Only California users can cancel their membership under Homeowner’s rights to cancel.

CLUB4 Membership Pricing and Saving Potential

CLUB4 offers different membership levels at various price points:

MembershipMonthly FeeAnnual Fee
Premium Plus$35.99$431.88
CLUB4 Membership Pricing

Cancelling a more expensive plan like Premium Plus and downgrading to Basic could save over $300 per year. Consider your usage and needs to pick the optimal membership level.

What Happens After You Cancel

Once you cancel your CLUB4 membership, you immediately lose access to the facilities and services. Your final billing date and last day of access depend on when you submit cancellation notices.

Review your contract and confirm cancellation to avoid unwanted renewal fees. Retrieve any belongings from club lockers once your membership expires.

Additional Tips

  • Set calendar reminders to re-evaluate your memberships and usage every 3-6 months. Cancel promptly if your situation changes.
  • Compare pricing of alternative gyms or at-home equipment if you still want access after cancelling CLUB4.
  • Downgrade your membership or request a membership freeze if you only need temporary access changes.

Wrap Up

With the right preparation and timing, cancelling your CLUB4 membership is straightforward. Review your options, mark your calendar, and formally notify CLUB4 via your preferred cancellation method. Adjust your budget once cancellation is complete, and consider alternatives if you still require gym access.

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