How to Cancel CalFresh/EBT Benefits

Are you looking to cancel CalFresh (EBT) benefits in California? The process is straightforward if you follow these steps.

The Basics

CalFresh is California’s version of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It provides monthly benefits through an EBT card that can be used to buy most foods at grocery stores. Here’s some key information on CalFresh:

CalFresh Program
  • Provides up to $250 per month for individuals, more for families
  • Eligibility based on income, assets, household size
  • Must be CA resident and US citizen or legal immigrant
  • Benefits deposited monthly on EBT card
  • Can be used at most major grocery stores

While the program makes getting assistance easy, your circumstances may change and require canceling your CalFresh benefits.

How to Cancel CalFresh/EBT

You have a few options to cancel your CalFresh benefits:

By Phone:

Call 877-847-3663. Tell the representative you want to discontinue benefits and why. This is the fastest way.

By online:

  • Log into your state’s EBT portal online. You can find your state’s portal at
  • Navigate to your account profile and look for a “Cancel Benefits” or “Discontinue Benefits” option. This may be under “Manage Account”.
  • Select the option to cancel/discontinue benefits. Follow any additional prompts to confirm cancellation.
  • If you cannot cancel online, call your state’s EBT office phone number listed on their website. Tell the representative you want to discontinue benefits.
  • As another option, download the SNAP cancellation form from your state’s website. Fill it out and mail it to the address listed.
  • Continue reporting any changes to your status until you receive confirmation your benefits are discontinued.
  • Once canceled, your EBT card will be deactivated and benefits removed. You can reapply in the future if eligible.
  • Get written confirmation from your state after benefits are canceled before disposing of your EBT card.

No matter how you cancel, be sure to get written confirmation once the cancellation is processed. It can take up to 30 days to take effect.

When to Cancel CalFresh

You should cancel your CalFresh EBT benefits if:

  • Your income exceeds the eligibility limits
  • You move out of California
  • Your household size changes
  • You no longer want assistance
  • You don’t use the benefits each month

Report any changes in your circumstances to your county office when they happen. You may no longer qualify for benefits.

What Happens When Canceled

Once you successfully cancel your CalFresh benefits:

  • Your EBT card will be deactivated
  • Any remaining balance is removed
  • You can re-apply in the future if eligible again
  • Cancellation suspension lasts 1-6 months depending on reason

So be sure you want to proceed before requesting cancellation. The process is not easily reversible.

Tips for Cancelling CalFresh

When canceling your CalFresh EBT benefits, keep these tips in mind:

  • Continue reporting your eligibility until canceled
  • Understand cancellation timeframes
  • Get written confirmation from your county
  • Avoid gaps in coverage if still eligible
  • Know you can re-apply again down the road
  • Do not throw away your EBT card after cancelling

Following these tips will make your CalFresh cancellation go smoothly.


Canceling your CalFresh EBT food benefits in California can easily be done online, by phone, mail or in person. Just contact your county office and provide the reason for discontinuing assistance. Be sure you understand the consequences before proceeding


How to cancel CalFresh benefits?

You can cancel your CalFresh benefits by calling 877-847-3663 or logging into your online EBT account and selecting the “Cancel Benefits” option. You can also download a cancellation form to fill out and mail in. Be sure to provide your case number and reason for discontinuing benefits.

Cancel CalFresh benefits online

You can cancel your CalFresh benefits by logging into your EBT portal, going to your profile to select “Cancel Benefits”, and following the prompts to confirm cancellation.

How to cancel my CalFresh application

If you applied but have not been approved yet, contact your county office to withdraw your application. If you’ve been approved, follow the steps to cancel as outlined above.

How do I cancel my California food stamps?

CalFresh is California’s version of food stamps. To cancel CalFresh benefits, follow the instructions above to call, go online, or submit a cancellation form. Provide your case number and reason for discontinuing benefits.

Can I still use CalFresh if I get discontinued?

No, once your CalFresh case is closed and benefits officially discontinued, your EBT card will be deactivated. Any attempt to use it will be declined. Make sure benefits are formally canceled before disposing of your card.

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