How to Cancel Bed Bath & Beyond Membership

If you signed up for a Bed Bath & Beyond membership but no longer wish to continue the subscription, canceling is quick and easy. This guide covers how to cancel Bed Bath & Beyond memberships through the website or by contacting customer service.

What is a Bed Bath & Beyond Membership?

A Bed Bath & Beyond membership provides benefits like 20% off entire purchases and free shipping on orders over $39. Memberships auto-renew annually after the 1-year term. Costs are $29 for the basic Beyond+.


Before canceling, consider if you still regularly shop at Bed Bath & Beyond. If so, the 20% discount on all items may save you more than the membership fee. However, if you won’t use the perks enough to justify the cost, then canceling makes sense.

Preparing to Cancel Your Membership

Before starting the cancellation process, take these steps:

  • Check your membership expiration date. This will indicate when your next renewal charge will occur.
  • Have your Bed Bath & Beyond login email and password ready. These are needed to access your account.
  • Locate recent Bed Bath & Beyond statements. This helps you confirm billing details.

How to Cancel Your Bed Bath & Beyond Membership Online

Cancelling online is the quickest method. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to and click “Sign In”
  2. Enter your login email and password
  3. Click on “My Account” and select “My Memberships”
  4. Choose “Cancel Membership” and follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation

Once cancelled, your membership and benefits will remain active until the end of the current term. You will not be charged a renewal fee.

Pricing & Savings

Membership TypeAnnual FeeKey Benefits
Beyond+$2920% off entire purchase, free shipping over $39
Bed bath and beyond Membership Pricing

Canceling can save between $29 per year depending on your current membership. However, keep in mind you lose the 20% discount which may offset membership costs if you spend over $145-$395 annually at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Cancel by Contacting Customer Service

For assistance cancelling or if you prefer to speak to a representative, contact Bed Bath & Beyond customer service:

  • Call 1-800-462-3966 and say “Cancel Membership” to speak to a membership specialist
  • Start a live chat at and request to cancel

Provide your order number or the email associated with your Beyond+ account when reaching out.

How to Locate Your Bed Bath & Beyond Membership on Statements

Your membership fee will appear on statements as:


Check under the transactions listed as “BED BATH & BEYOND” or similar.

Bed Bath & Beyond Refund Policy

Bed Bath & Beyond inspects all returned items at their processing facility. Full refunds are issued for errors or defective items. Expect refunds within 4 weeks of returning your package. Refunds go back to the original payment method.

International returns get full refunds for Bed Bath & Beyond errors or defects. Other returns get refunded the item cost minus original shipping. Refunds process at the exchange rate used at purchase. Refunds issue within 5-7 days of arrival.

Refund types:

  • Payment methods like credit cards: Refunds go back to financial institution
  • In-store credit: Added to Bed Bath & Beyond account, available immediately
  • Welcome Rewards: Added to Rewards Bank, available immediately

Most returns refund back to original payment method unless using Welcome Rewards free return for in-store credit. Check account for in-store credits and Welcome Rewards. Outside payment refunds depend on the financial institution.

What Happens When You Cancel Your Membership

Upon cancelling, your Bed Bath & Beyond membership and related benefits will terminate at the end of the current 1-year term. You will no longer receive the 20% discount, free shipping perks, or rewards program access.

Be sure to use any remaining membership perks prior to expiration. And review your next statement to confirm you are not charged an automatic renewal fee.

Additional Tips

  • Set a reminder to re-evaluate memberships annually based on usage. Cancel promptly if not beneficial.
  • Use budgeting tools and financial apps to monitor subscriptions and spending. Cancel unused or low-value memberships.
  • Check if you can convert a paid membership to a free loyalty program for limited benefits if you occasionally shop at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Wrap Up

It’s quick and easy to cancel your Bed Bath & Beyond membership through the website or customer service. Just ensure you utilize any remaining membership perks before expiration. After cancelling, monitor your next statement to confirm non-renewal. Reach out for assistance if needed.

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