How to Cancel Amazon Flex Block? Easy Method

Drivers may wish to cancel their Amazon Flex block reservation for any number of reasons. Perhaps plans have changed, or an unforeseen conflict has arisen. Whatever the case may be, cancelling an Amazon Flex block can be accomplished smoothly by following some simple steps. This article will outline the process in detail.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a program that provides drivers, called Amazon Flex drivers, the opportunity to earn money by delivering Amazon packages. Amazon Flex drivers use their own vehicles to make deliveries when it is convenient for them. They can choose available delivery blocks through the Amazon Flex app. The blocks last approximately 2-5 hours.

About Amazon Flex
About Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex drivers are considered independent contractors. They are not Amazon employees. Joining Amazon Flex provides flexible earning opportunities for drivers. However, sometimes a driver may need to cancel a block they previously reserved.

Cancelling an Amazon Flex Block

If the need arises to cancel an upcoming Amazon Flex block, the process is straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Amazon Flex app on your mobile device.
Amazon Flex App
Amazon Flex App
  • Tap on the Calendar icon to view your upcoming scheduled blocks.
Choose Calender
Choose Calender
  • Tap on the date that has the block you want to cancel.
Date You Want To Cancel
Date You Want To Cancel
  • Tap on the specific block on that date that you want to cancel.
Tap Block
Tap Block
  • Click on “Forefeit” and Swipe on the “Forfeit” button to confirm cancellation of the block.
Swipe To Forefeit
Swipe To Forefeit

That is all it takes to cancel an Amazon Flex block. The block will be removed from your schedule immediately. You will no longer be expected to complete that delivery block.

Note: Be aware blocks must be cancelled no later than 44 minutes and 59 seconds before the start time to avoid a late cancellation.

Amazon Flex Cancellation Policies

Amazon has specific policies regarding late cancellations of blocks. Understanding these policies can help avoid violations.

Blocks can be cancelled up to 45 minutes before start time with no impact to driver standing. Blocks accepted less than 45 minutes in advance have a 5 minute grace period to cancel.

What Happens After Cancelling an Amazon Flex Block?

Once a block is cancelled, it will immediately free up the driver’s schedule at that time. The block will become available for other drivers to reserve.

Cancelling a block will not incur any fees or penalties as long as it is not considered a late cancellation within 45 minutes of the start time. No further actions are required after cancelling through the app.

The driver’s overall Flex statistics and ratings are not affected by properly cancelling blocks. However, if excessive late cancellations occur, it can lead to warnings and eventually deactivation. Amazon expects drivers to maintain high attendance rates for reserved blocks.


Cancelling an Amazon Flex block is easy to do through the mobile app. Simply tap into your schedule, select the block, and confirm the cancellation. Be aware of the attendance policies around late cancellations to avoid violations. With responsible use, the cancellation feature provides flexibility for drivers when the need arises. Reach out to support line at 888.281.6906 if any issues arise when you cancel a block.

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