How to Cancel Agency Skincare Subscription in 2 Minutes

Agency by Curology is a new custom skincare brand that evolves with your changing skin needs and goals. Agency has a personalized anti-aging focus, separate from Curology’s brand though sharing some facilities/providers.

This article outlines the process to cancel an Agency skincare subscription.

Agency Skincare Subscription Pricing

Product(s)Initial CostOngoing Shipments
Future Formula$40/month$80 every 2 months ($40/month)
Dark Spot Formula$75/month$150 every 2 months ($75/month)
Both Formulas$115/month$130 every 2 months ($65/month)
Agency Skincare Subscription Pricing

Cancellation Process:

Note: Please allow 2 full business days for cancellation processing.

How to Cancel Agency Skincare Account?

To cancel an account, click “I want to cancel” at the bottom of the Payment Page. Access the Payment Page via the account dropdown menu.

Refund Policy

New subscribers, who are unsatisfied with their first shipment may request a full refund within 28 days of delivery by contacting us at This “First Shipment Refund” is the only refund available for subscription orders. Non-subscription orders cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel, submit a cancellation request through your online account by clicking “I want to cancel” on the Payment Page. You can also cancel via PayPal or by emailing Allow 2 business days for processing.

Will canceling now stop my next shipment?

To stop an upcoming shipment, you must cancel at least 2 full business days before the scheduled date. View upcoming dates on your Shipping Page.

Can I just pause my account instead of fully canceling?

Yes, you can temporarily pause shipments instead of permanently canceling. This will postpone your next scheduled shipment but will not deactivate your account.

Wrap Up

Agency by Curology provides customizable anti-aging skincare subscriptions. Customers can cancel subscriptions by requesting cancellation through their online account, via PayPal, or by emailing customer support. As per the refund policy, only the First shipment and order purchased through subscribers qualify for a refund on the first order if requested within 28 days. Customers can also pause subscriptions temporarily instead of fully canceling.

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