How to Cancel a Little Caesars Online Order

Have you placed an online order with Little Caesars but need to cancel it? Don’t worry, you can easily cancel a Little Caesars online order by contacting their customer service team. Here is what you need to know.

The Basics

Little Caesars is the third largest pizza chain in the United States after Pizza Hut and Domino’s. The company is known for its HOT-N-READY pizzas that are pre-made and available for quick pickup.

Little Caesars website

Some key things about ordering from Little Caesars:

  • Customers can order online for delivery, carryout or curbside pickup
  • Online orders can be placed directly through
  • You can also order through third-party apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.
  • Custom pizzas can be built or specialty pizzas ordered
  • Other menu items include Crazy Bread, wings, sodas and desserts

How to Cancel an Online Order

If you need to cancel a Little Caesars order placed online, here are the steps:

  • Call customer service – The number to call is 800-722-3727. This is the best way to cancel an online order.
  • Via the app – Open the Little Caesars app, go to “Track Order” and select the order to cancel.
  • Contact store – Call the specific Little Caesars location your order was placed through and ask to cancel.
  • Delivery app – Open your delivery app (DoorDash, Uber Eats etc) and try to cancel the order there.

Be sure to call as soon as possible after ordering to cancel. The quicker you act, the more likely you can cancel before preparation begins.

Get a Refund for a Cancelled Order

If you cancelled your Little Caesars order early enough, you’ll be eligible for a full refund. Refunds are generally credited back to your original payment method within 3-5 business days.

For refunds on orders paid by:

  • Credit card – Your card will be credited
  • Debit card – Funds refund to your bank account
  • Cash – You’ll be mailed a check
  • Gift card – Amount is refunded to the card

To check refund status, contact Little Caesars customer service. Have your order number ready for reference.

Tips for Cancelling Little Caesars Orders

When cancelling a Little Caesars order, keep the following in mind:

  • The best way to cancel is by phone so you can confirm
  • Act quickly after ordering to improve cancellation success
  • Online orders can’t be cancelled once they are in preparation
  • Let the store know you cancelled if picking up in-person
  • Get the name of the employee who helped with cancellation
  • Keep the cancellation confirmation number for reference
  • Double check your account for your refund in a few days

Can You Cancel In-Store Pickup Orders?

Yes, you can cancel Little Caesars orders placed online for in-store pickup:

  • Call the store directly and let them know
  • Alternatively, call Little Caesars customer service
  • Cancellation has to be done before you pick up the order
  • Refunds are issued once cancellation is confirmed

The sooner you let the store know, the better chances your order can be cancelled fully.


Canceling a Little Caesars pizza or other menu item order placed online is easy when done promptly. Just call their customer service line or contact the store location directly. Be aware of the timing to avoid issues getting the order cancelled fully. Then allow 3-5 days for any due refund to process.

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