How to Cancel Fraavy Subscription?

Canceling your Fraavy subscription is a quick and easy process that can be done through email, phone, or live chat. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your Fraavy subscription using each method.

Note: If you can’t cancel using the step-by-step guide below then contact your bank immediately and lock the card for online payment or find out other alternatives like canceling the debit or credit card.

To cancel via email:

  1. Compose an email to Fraavy’s customer service team at
  2. State clearly in the subject line that you want to cancel your subscription. For example, “Cancellation of Fraavy Subscription”.
  3. Include your full name and the email address associated with your Fraavy account in the body of the email.
  4. Explicitly state that you want to cancel your subscription effective immediately. Request they cancel and stop billing your payment method on file.
  5. Thank them for their time and confirm they received your cancellation request.

It may take 1-3 business days for Fraavy to receive and process emailed cancellation requests. Ensure you keep the confirmation/case number they provide you.

To cancel over the phone:

  1. Call Fraavy customer support at +1 866 471 9677. This number is for English only.
  2. Inform the agent you want to cancel your Fraavy subscription when prompted. Have your account information ready to verify identity.
  3. Request they cancel your subscription effective immediately and stop all future billing.
  4. Note the date and time you called, plus the name of the agent who handled your request.
  5. Ask for a cancellation confirmation number for your records.

Phone support is available Monday-Friday from 9am – 9pm EST according to Fraavy’s website. Calls may be recorded for quality assurance.

To cancel via live chat:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Start Chat” and explain to the agent you want to cancel your subscription.
  3. Provide your account email and request cancellation effective immediately.
  4. Ask them to confirm in writing once it’s been processed and your billing will end.
  5. Save a transcript of the chat for your records.
fraavy live chat

Live chat cancellations can be done anytime. Response times may vary.

Important Notes on Fraavy’s Terms:

  • Subscriptions auto-renew unless canceled. By signing up, you authorized recurring charges.
  • Subscription terms can change with advance notice. You can cancel before any changes take effect.
  • Cancellations are not prorated. You retain access until the end of your current billing term.
  • Free trials convert to paid subscriptions unless canceled before the trial ends.
  • You have the right to cancel your subscription anytime. Cancellation process disclosed at signup.
  • Fee or billing method changes will be communicated in advance. You can cancel before changes apply.
  • When providing payment information, you authorize its use for recurring charges.
  • The company reserves the right to update expired card details via third party services.
fraavy terms

Wrap Up

Following these instructions will ensure quick cancellation of your Fraavy subscription. Just select your preferred contact method and provide the required account details. Be sure to keep records of all cancellation requests and confirm billing has ended. Reach out immediately if you see any issues.

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