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Canceling a Chipotle order can be tricky once it has been placed. Orders are sent immediately to the restaurant kitchen to be prepared when placed via the Chipotle website, mobile app, or in person at a Chipotle location. This makes cancellations challenging but how to cancel a Chipotle order? Below is step by step process.

You may find infromative cancelling Target order.

Canceling an Online or App Order

If you need to cancel an order placed online or through the Chipotle app, your best option canceling through online.

While Chipotle will attempt to cancel the order, the restaurant may not be able to stop preparation once an online order comes through their system. You may still be charged for the order even if cancelled. Cancellation fees may also apply. So hurry up!!

  1. Go to Chipotle Contact page.
  2. Ask chatbot (PEPPER) “cancel my order”
  3. Agree Chipotle “Privacy Policy”.
  4. Pepper will ask “Where did you place your order?” choose the right one.
  5. Chipotle will send you: Canceling orders are tricky 🤨 Once you place an order, it’s immediately sent to the restaurant crew, so it can get cooked up and on its way to you”

When the chatbot indicates that canceling orders is tricky, press thumbs down to continue the cancellation process.

The chatbot will then ask for:

  • The email address used to place the order
  • The 6-digit order confirmation code
Chipotle Cancel Order
Chipotle Cancel Order

Provide your email and order confirmation code from the confirmation email. This allows the chatbot to pull up your order details.

Once the chatbot has your order information, explain that you need to cancel the order. The agent can then attempt to cancel the order on your behalf.

If you run into any issues cancelling even after providing your details, contact the Chipotle customer service phone number at 1 (800) 244-7685 for additional assistance. The earlier you call after placing the order, the better chances of cancellation.

Canceling an In-Person Order

For orders placed in person at a Chipotle restaurant, you must request cancellation before leaving the store. Once you have paid and your order is being prepared, it likely cannot be cancelled. Speak to the cashier or manager immediately if you need to cancel an order placed inside the restaurant.

How to Get a Refund on Chipotle Order

Follow the same process I explained above about canceling the order, but just write “Refund my order” to the chatbot (PEPPER) and you have to enter the order info. That’s it. You will get a confirmation email.

Canceling a Delivery App Order

If you placed your Chipotle order through a third-party delivery app like DoorDash or UberEats, you will need to request cancellation directly with the delivery service, not with Chipotle. Check your confirmation email for customer service contact information to cancel a delivery app order.

Wrap Up

The bottom line is that Chipotle orders cannot easily be cancelled once placed, so only order what you are sure you want. Act immediately if you do need to request cancellation to have any chance of stopping an order before preparation. But be aware that you may still be charged even if cancelled.

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