How to Cancel Sun Tan City Membership With Ease

Are you looking to cancel your Sun Tan City membership because you no longer need it or for other reasons? Whatever the reason may be, this guide will help you cancel the subscription you no longer want through the appropriate cancellation methods.

What is a Sun Tan City Membership?

Sun Tan City offers tanning bed and spray tan memberships with various speed and color options to help you tan faster and maintain your glow year-round. Memberships provide discounted tanning rates. Upgrades are available to enhance your tanning experience.

Sun Tan Membership
Sun Tan City Membership

Preparing for Cancellation

Before canceling your Sun Tan City membership, it’s essential to understand a few key points:

  • Understand billing cycles: Sun Tan City offers monthly and annual membership options. Monthly memberships renew every month, while annual memberships are paid upfront for the entire year. The cancellation process and potential refunds may differ based on your membership type.
  • Gather account information: Locate your Sun Tan City account login credentials, recent billing statements, and any communication regarding your membership. Having this information readily available will streamline the cancellation process.

How to Cancel Sun Tan City Membership

Sun Tan City provides multiple methods to cancel your membership. Here are the step-by-step instructions for canceling through various platforms:

To cancel via the Sun Tan City website:

  1. Visit the Sun Tan City website and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the “My Account” or “Membership” section.
  3. Look for an option to cancel or terminate your membership.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancellation process.
  5. Confirm your cancellation and make note of any final charges or refunds.

Canceling via PayPal:

If you have used PayPal as your payment method when purchasing a Sun Tan City membership, You can cancel automatic payment on Paypal. Follow the steps below:

  • Log into your PayPal account.
  • Select “Settings” and “Payments“.
  • Find the managed automatic payment set up for Sun Tan City.
  • Click “Cancel automatic payments” to stop future membership charges.
Sun Tan City Cancellation Via Paypal
Sun Tan City Cancellation Via Paypal

Canceling via Android:

To cancel Sun Tan City membership on Android, Read this guide to cancel subscriptions on Android or Follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store app and go to “Subscriptions.”
  • Find the Sun Tan City membership and tap “Cancel subscription.”

Canceling via iPhone:

To cancel Sun Tan City membership on iPhone, Read this guide to cancel subscriptions on iPhone or Follow these steps:

  • Open the App Store app and tap your profile picture.
  • Tap “Subscriptions” and find the Sun Tan City membership.
  • Tap “Cancel Subscription” to stop future charges.
Sun Tan City Cancellation On Iphone
Sun Tan City Cancellation On Iphone

Pricing Plans

Sun Tan City offers different pricing plans. Here’s an overview of their pricing structure (Instant Sunbeds):

ServicesAverage Price
Single Visit Price (Instant Sunbeds)$34.00
2-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.99
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month) (Instant Sunbeds)$59.99
Flex Plan (Price Per Month) (Instant Sunbeds)$89.99
Annual Plan (Price Per Year) (Instant Sunbeds)$799.99
Source: Sun Tan City Pricing

To cancel via Payment Provider

If you prefer to cancel your Sun Tan City membership directly through your bank, you have to call your bank and request to revoke payment authorization from Sun Tan City. Learn more about cancelling subscriptions on your debit card provider.

How to Find Your Sun Tan City Subscription/Membership on Your Statement

When reviewing your bank or credit card statements, look for charges from “Sun Tan City,” “STC,” or Sun Tan City, LLC. The membership charges may also include phrases like “monthly membership” or “annual membership.”

Refund Policy

As per their policy, no Refunds will be provided. All sales are final. Sun Tan City does not offer refunds for any purchases or unused services. Please review your purchase carefully before completing your transaction, as you will not be eligible for any refunds or exchanges afterwards.

Additional Tips

  • Automate subscriptions: Consider using subscription management tools or apps to keep track of your active subscriptions. These tools can help you identify and cancel unwanted subscriptions automatically, preventing unwanted renewals.
  • Set reminders: Set calendar reminders to review your subscriptions regularly and cancel any unused ones. This practice can help you save money and avoid accumulating unnecessary charges.
  • Prioritize needs: Identify your essential subscriptions and prioritize your spending based on value and usage. This approach can help you make informed decisions about which subscriptions to keep and which ones to cancel.

Wrap Up

Canceling your Sun Tan City subscription is a quick process by following the steps outlined based on your preferred cancellation method. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Sun Tan City’s customer support if you need assistance or have any specific questions or concerns. Remember, the cancellation process should be simple, with no issues.

Common Questions and Concerns

What happens to my data after canceling?

After canceling your Sun Tan City membership, your personal information and account data will be retained by the company for a certain period, typically for legal and accounting purposes. However, you will no longer have access to this data or your account once the cancellation is processed.

Can I reactivate my subscription later?

Yes, in most cases, you can reactivate your Sun Tan City membership at a later date. However, you may need to go through the sign-up process again and potentially pay any applicable fees or charges based on the current membership plans and pricing.

How can I pause my subscription instead of canceling?

Sun Tan City does offer the option to freeze or pause your membership temporarily. This option can be useful if you plan to take a break from tanning for a short period but want to retain your current membership pricing and avoid the cancellation and sign-up process. You can typically pause your membership through your online account or by contacting customer support.

How do I delete my Sun Tan City account?

If you want to permanently delete your Sun Tan City account after canceling your membership, you may need to contact customer support directly and request account deletion. Keep in mind that deleting your account is typically a permanent action, and you may lose access to any stored data or purchase history associated with your account.

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