How to Cancel Starbucks Order? Working Method

Are you planning to cancel Starbucks order because you changed your mind? Don’t worry – cancelling a Starbucks order is possible if you act quickly and contact the right people. This article will explain exactly how to cancel your Starbucks mobile order.

Before Cancelling Your Order, Keep These Things in Mind

Starbucks mobile ordering allows customers to order ahead and skip the line to pick up their drinks. It’s a convenient service, but it does have some limitations.

  • Starbucks emphasizes that mobile orders are final and cannot be cancelled or modified once placed. So only place an order when you are sure you want those items.
  • You cannot cancel an order through the app itself. You’ll need to contact your store directly, either by phone or in person.
  • Timing is critical. To have the best chance of cancelling, call the store immediately after placing your order. The quicker you act, the better.
  • If you want to cancel within 2 hours of the pick-up time, you must visit the store in person to request a cancellation. Calling will not work at that point.
  • Cancelling or modifying an order is at the discretion of that location’s staff. It may not always be possible, especially for larger, complicated orders.
  • Keep the Starbucks refund policy in mind. You can typically get a full refund if you cancel in a timely manner.

Step-By-Step Guide to Cancelling Your Starbucks App Order or Web Order

If you need to cancel your Starbucks order, follow these steps:

1. Call the Store Immediately

Call the Starbucks nearest location you ordered from as soon as possible.

Starbucks Customer Care Response Regarding Cancelling Order
Starbucks Customer Care Response Regarding Cancelling Order

Explain that you need to cancel your mobile order. Provide the name, time, and items in your order to help them identify it.

If you act quickly, the store will likely be able to cancel the order on their end before preparing it. This is the easiest way to cancel.

2. Visit the Store If Needed

If you cannot reach anyone by phone or you are within 2 hours of the pick-up time, go to the Starbucks location in person.

Let the staff know you need to cancel your mobile order. Provide the same details as above.

At this stage, they may have already started making the drinks. But it still doesn’t hurt to nicely ask if they can cancel the order and issue a refund.

3. Request a Refund

After cancelling your order, kindly request a refund for the total amount charged. This typically will not be an issue if you cancelled in a timely manner.

If needed, keep your receipt and follow up with Starbucks Customer Service online or by phone 1-800-STARBUC (782-7282). Explain the situation and they can process a refund if the store could not.

Key Takeaways for Cancelling Starbucks Orders

Cancelling a Starbucks mobile order takes some effort but is possible if you act quickly:

  • Call the store right after ordering – this is the best way to cancel.
  • Be ready to visit in person if you cannot reach anyone by phone.
  • Ask politely if they can cancel the order and issue a refund.
  • Follow up with Customer Service if needed to ensure you get a refund.

While Starbucks emphasizes that mobile orders are final, stores will often try to accommodate cancellations and refunds when reasonably possible. Being courteous and understanding goes a long way.

The Bottom Line

Starbucks mobile ordering makes getting your coffee on-the-go incredibly easy. But should you need to cancel an order, follow the tips above to smoothly make it happen. Calling the store immediately gives you the best shot at cancelling easily.

Acting quickly and kindly communicating the situation to staff is key. With some effort, you can get that undesirable order cancelled and move on with your day caffeinated and content.

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