How to Cancel Preply Subscription in Few Clicks

Preply was founded in 2012 by Kirill Bigai, Dmitry Volvach, and Serge Lukyanov. This article outlines the process to cancel a subscription with Preply, an online language learning platform.

What is Preply?


Preply connects students with qualified language tutors worldwide for online lessons. Students choose tutors based on price, reviews, qualifications and availability. Preply runs on a subscription model where students purchase monthly lesson packages that automatically renew.

How Preply Subscription Works?

After taking trial lessons, students on Preply can choose from subscription tiers based on how frequently they want to study. For example:

Lesson PlanPrice per Lesson (€)Total Lessions
1 lesson per week634
2 lessons per week1058
3 lessons per week15812
4 lessons per week21116
5 lessons per week26320
Preply Subscription Pricing

Cancellation Process

If a student wishes to cancel their Preply subscription, there are a few methods they can use:

  • Via Account Settings:
    1. Go to Account Settings
    2. Click on “Subscriptions
    3. Click the “Cancel” button next to the relevant subscription
    4. Confirm the cancellation
  • Via Live Chat:
    1. Go to Preply account page and open the chat window
    2. Request to cancel subscription
    3. Confirm cancellation details with support agent
Preply Customer Support
Preply Customer Support
  • Via Email:
    1. Email
    2. Request cancellation of subscription
    3. Receive confirmation email when processed

Refund Policy

Refund policy for subscription service terms:

  • Auto-renewing subscriptions for set amounts of tutoring hours per month. Unused hours expire monthly.
  • Subscription fees charged monthly or yearly depending on plan. Auto-renewal enabled by default.
  • Can pause or cancel a subscription at any time. Refunds only given for unused hours in limited cases.
  • Can upgrade/downgrade monthly plans as needed (if available). Yearly plans cannot be changed once set.
  • Lessons can still occur after cancellation until end of current billing cycle.

Considerations Before Cancelling

There are a few things students should keep in mind before canceling their Preply subscription:

  • Any unused hours left in the month will be forfeited
  • Tutor availability may become limited if re-subscribing later
  • Loss of discounted rate compared to monthly subscriptions
  • Cancellation is final – account cannot be reactivated


Preply makes it straightforward for students to manage or cancel subscriptions directly through their account settings or customer support. With a few clicks, students can cancel auto-renewals and stop any future subscription charges from occurring.

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