How to Cancel JLo Beauty Subscription [Top Hacks]

JLo Beauty is a skincare and beauty product subscription service founded by Jennifer Lopez. This article outlines the process to cancel a JLo Beauty subscription.

What is JLo Beauty?

JLo Beauty is a skincare and cosmetics brand created by artist and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez. The brand offers several beauty box subscriptions that send regular shipments of JLo Beauty products to subscribers. Subscriptions are available on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Jlo Beauty
Jlo Beauty

If a customer wishes to cancel their JLo Beauty subscription, the following methods are available:

Cancellation steps:

  • Contact JLo Beauty Customer Support. Customers can initiate a live online chat or call the above number.
  • Request cancellation. Clearly state you wish to cancel your subscription and provide any order details needed to identify the subscription.
  • Confirm cancellation. Make sure to receive confirmation during the chat or call that your subscription is now cancelled in their system.

Additional Cancellation Method:

For PayPal Purchases:

  • Log in to your PayPal account and navigate to “Settings” then “Payments”
  • Under “Block Payments To,” enter JLo Beauty and block future automatic payments
  • Contact JLo Beauty support to confirm cancellation

For Shop Pay Purchases:

  • Open the Shop Pay app and tap the profile icon
  • Tap “Settings” then “Payment Methods”
  • Tap the trash icon next to the JLo Beauty stored card to remove
  • Contact JLo Beauty support to confirm cancellation

For Google Pay Purchases:

  • Open the Google Pay app and tap the profile icon
  • Tap “Payment methods” and select the stored JLo Beauty card
  • Tap the 3-dot menu and select “Delete card”
  • Contact JLo Beauty support to confirm cancellation

Return Policy

Used product containers may be returned within 60 days of receipt for a full refund, exclusive of original shipping and handling fees. Returns are accepted regardless of remaining quantity.

Considerations Before Cancelling

There are a few things JLo Beauty subscribers may want to keep in mind before cancelling:

  • Cancellation stops future subscription shipments and charges, but any order already processed is non-refundable.
  • Check subscription renewal date to avoid orders recently shipped or being prepared to ship.
  • Consider pausing the subscription for one cycle rather than fully cancelling it.


JLo Beauty makes it simple for subscribers to cancel automatic subscription orders when desired. By either chatting online or calling customer service, subscribers can promptly stop future charges and deliveries after confirming their request has been fully processed by the company internally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my JLo Beauty subscription?

To cancel, you need to contact JLo Beauty’s customer support team either through live online chat or by calling 1-800-704-7551. Inform them you want to cancel your subscription and they will process the request.

When should I cancel to avoid being charged for my next order?

You need to cancel at least 24 hours before the next renewal date to stop the next scheduled shipment and billing. Check your subscription or account details to see the exact renewal timing.

What happens if I cancel after my renewal date?

If you cancel after being rebilled for your next shipment, that order is non-refundable but the subscription will stop going forward. No additional charges will occur.

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